The Return of God of War Chapter 1275

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1275

Jeong-seok’s smile widened creepily as he radiated murderous intent.

Seeing that, the members of the Garrison family shuddered instinctively.

They had heard of how cruel Daelee Group was and how ruthless their methods could be, which was why no one dared to mess with them.

In Bayview, Daelee Group was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Jeong-seok patted Tyrone on the shoulders. “Cooperate with us and you’ll get to reap what we sow too.”

Tyrone’s biggest wish was to break out of Erudia and make it into the international market.

The Lee family could help him do just that.

That’s why he was so willing to bend over backward to give Triple Group anything they wanted and help them settle everything within Erudia.

Triple Group worked fast and their actions were precise.

It wasn’t before long that they managed to fix their position in the market.

They had made their move so fast, in fact, that no one had expected it.

First, they took over the North and the South.

After that, they settled in North and South Hampton.

As a result, Morris Group suffered greatly under Triple Group’s attack.

After facing them headfirst a couple of times, Morris Group had no choice but to admit defeat.

Triple Group was simply too strong.

Even with Morris Group’s recent success, they had gotten severely defeated. If they were the Morris Group of the past, Triple Group would have devoured them in a second.

At the same time, Pinnacle Group was starting to sanction them too.

Under the attack of two big groups, Morris Group suffered huge losses.

Their resources were all cut off and their market value dropped rapidly.

To make matters worse, ban after ban was laid onto the workers of Morris Group, which made it difficult for them to find places to stay or even keep food on the table.

They would even get terrorized from time to time.

It wasn’t before long that the workers started to leave one by one.

They were barely able to keep their lives at this point, much less their money and housing.

In just three days, more than a hundred council members and countless ordinary staff members had resigned.

Morris Group was going through its worst hit yet.

They were already a mess on the inside while they were being pressured with sanctions from the outside.

The company was on its verge of collapsing.

Triple Group had even arrived to openly cause trouble, causing more losses to Morris Group.

Even Tyrone was taken aback.

Seems like Triple Group really had plenty of nasty tricks up their sleeve.

They didn’t care about their reputation at all.

All they cared about was cornering Morris Group no matter what sneaky tactics they had to use.

Meanwhile, Iris and the other remaining council members were being harassed on a daily basis.

Her house had long since been broken into and every part of the house had been turned over.

Even her clothes had been strewn everywhere. They weren’t even trying to cover their tracks.

As for the others, they faced much worse situations.

Their pets, for example, had gotten brutally murdered and whoever killed them had taken their time to leave blood on every inch of the room possible.

This was no longer a business matter. It was a matter of life and death.

It was impossible for anyone to last in such an environment.

Finally, Morris Group decided to hold an executive meeting.

“Ms. Lopez, we have no way to beat Triple Group. We can’t do anything else. If we continue on like this, we’re all going to go crazy!”

All of the council members were sufficiently terrified.

Iris said through gritted teeth, “The gap between both companies is too big to be bridged by sheer hard work. Besides, they’ve made things personal. Zoey, even I can barely hold on at this point.”

Zoey knew that better than anyone.

She was probably the most anxious one there.

The sudden halt of the company’s operation was especially taxing on her.

“Who else has any ideas?” Zoey asked.

“We’ve discussed and we think we should try to compromise with Triple Group.”

“Yeah! No matter what terms and conditions they throw at us, we’ll agree to it. Anything is better than what we’re facing now.”

This was the council’s first consensus.

After a bit of thought, Zoey agreed. “Alright, let’s have a talk with Triple Group.”

She had her secretary contact Triple Group, who agreed to meet up.

Jeong-seok was going to talk to Zoey personally.

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