The Return of God of War Chapter 1274

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1274

Jeong-seok’s eyes gleamed with a bloodthirsty look.

His perfect, chiseled face had become twisted in hatred and anger.

There were two reasons why Triple Group had returned to Erudia. One was for profit and the other was to get revenge.

“Mr. Garrison, I’m sure you have no objection with that, right?” Jeong-seok turned to look at Tyrone.

“Of course not! Everyone knows that I’ve never accepted that bastard into my family, much less bother about him. I just haven’t been able to do anything to his direct family members because of my reputation, but rest assured, I don’t hate him any less than you all do. In fact, I hope you target his wife or daughter!” Tyrone chuckled loudly.

The Garrison family had sworn against showing any kindness toward Levi.

After all, he had nearly gotten rid of their entire bloodline.

He had greatly humiliated them.

More than anyone, he deserved to die.

“Good, that’s all I needed to hear from you. I promise to make his wife and daughter wish they’d never been born,” Jeong-seok said with a wicked smile.

“No! No… No-”

All of a sudden, Olivia barged in and started mumbling haphazardly.

Tyrone was taken aback.

The reason being Olivia had only ever repeated the words “ghost” over and over and never anything else.What happened? Why is she suddenly saying“no?”

“What the hell is this? Where did this psycho come from?” Jeong-seok asked, clearly irritated.

Tyrone didn’t even have the chance to think about anything else before calling for people to take her away.

Unbeknownst to him, if he had given Olivia the chance to repeat herself a couple more times, Tyrone would have noticed that something was up.

Tyrone hastily explained her situation. Afterward, Jeong-seok continued going through his plan.

“I heard Levi’s mother is dreadfully old, but I could always send her off to the slums in the West. The sickos there don’t even leave animals untouched!” Jeong-seok started laughing maniacally.

Tyrone, however, was rather ruffled by that. After all, that was Emma Jones he was talking about.

Nonetheless, he quickly replaced his shock with icy cold indifference.I have to be merciless if I want to succeed!

“Okay, we’ll do as you say!”

Jeong-seok continued to chuckle. “As for Zoey, she’s an even better delicacy! If she didn’t have a child, I’d have loved to have a taste of her. But, as the situation stands now, I know a seventy-year-old pervert in the West who just married his twenty-ninth wife. We can sell Zoey off to him! They’d be a perfect match.”

“Good idea! There’s nothing more satisfying than the idea of selling Levi’s wife off to an old geezer on his deathbed,” Tyrone bellowed in approval before asking, “What about his kid?”

Jeong-seok’s grin became even wider. “That’s even easier! Do you know how many pedophiles are out there nowadays? Besides, Levi’s daughter is a definite beauty. Once she grows older, she’ll be the talk of the town! A sweet little girl like her will probably have those old perverts panting and forking out money by the millions. In fact, I’ll host an auction just to sell off Levi’s daughter! Whoever bid the highest shall become the owner of Levi’s daughter!”

Tyrone howled with laughter at the thought of perverted old men scrambling to own Levi’s daughter.

“As for Iris, Abigail, Mia, and Tiffany… I’ll make them into slaves! I’ll make sure they get well and truly screwed over to the point they’ll start to yearn for death.”

“As expected of the Lee family’s young master!” Tyrone couldn’t help but praise.

The Daelee Group had almost exactly the same ideas he had.

Jeong-seok chuckled. “Levi, this is the consequence of you messing with the Triple Group. We have more ideas up our sleeves than you can even think of.”

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