The Return of God of War Chapter 1272

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1272

“Alright, come on then! I’ll beat you again so that you’ll accept your defeat without complaints.”

Winsor decided to defeat his opponent twice so that he would finally admit it.

“There’s no need for that. We admit our defeat. We’re simply not as good as you.”

It wasn’t until Levi spoke that North Sky Lord dropped the matter.

Winsor looked at him with a cold smile. “Good that you’re aware. Next time you see me, remember to walk the other way. I never want to hear about The Calamity causing trouble in Erudia ever again!”

With that, Winsor finally left with thousands of people clamoring to follow him.

North Sky Lord was furious.

This was definitely one of the most humiliating things that had ever happened to him.

I could have won!

But I was forced to lose!

However, he held back for Erudia.

He didn’t know much, but he was still part of Erudia, after all.

“Master, when can I beat that little punk into a pulp?” North Sky Lord asked.

“It will probably be a while, but don’t you worry. It won’t be too far off,” Levi said in a cold voice.

He still had to keep playing this role for the time being.

It simply wasn’t time to reveal everything just yet. As such, The Calamity could only work in the shadows.

That being said, North Sky Lord believed that things would go back to normal one day.

When that happened, he would beat Winsor Campbell to a pulp.

“Master, where are we going next?” Zar couldn’t help but ask.

“Since we’re already in North Hampton, let’s go take a look at Levi’s kid,” Winsor smirked sinisterly.

Zoey and the others had already heard about the news regarding Winsor.

The news of him beating The Calamity had spread across the world.

He was now regarded as the true king.

And no one would dare challenge Winsor now.

Zoey and Emma had just been talking about how Levi owned that title when suddenly, Winsor arrived at their doorstep.

“What are you doing here?” Zoey asked as she looked at him warily.

“I’m here to take a look at your child with Levi,” Winsor said with a smile.

“Why do you want to look at our kid for?” Zoey was getting nervous.

After all, Zar had personally chased Levi out of Erudia.

As such, her instincts were screaming that Winsor was not to be trusted.

“Don’t worry. I just want to take a quick peek. Besides, I have no reason to do anything to you all. After all, none of you are worth the hassle. Even if Levi were still alive, he wouldn’t be worth it either.”

Zar and the others chuckled. “Levi never had a chance against Master. Their capabilities are just too far apart.”

“Don’t you dare speak ill of Daddy!”

Forlevia ran over the moment she heard those words and glared at them as fiercely as her cute little face would allow.

She was holding onto a toy gun that she held pointed toward Winsor and the others.

Her little face was filled with stubbornness and her eyes shone with determination.

Winsor chuckled at the sight. “Would you look at that! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! You definitely take after your father. Too bad, though, since you’re a girl. If you were a boy, Zoey could have sent you to learn martial arts so you could grow up and maybe have a chance at beating me!”

Winsor roared with laughter.

His shrill chuckle was beginning to grate on Zoey’s ears.

She picked Forlevia up and looked at Winsor coldly. “Don’t worry. She may be a girl, but who’s to say she won’t be able to rule over the battleground in the future? You’d better keep praying that you’re able to hold on to your position. Who knows? Perhaps my daughter might come and take it away from you someday.”

Winsor bellowed with laughter. “Okay, sure! I’ll be waiting! However, I hope you all know that everyone already obeys me. Levi is now a thing of the past. This is now my era! The era of Winsor Campbell!”

After that, Winsor left.

Zoey felt like exploding in anger.

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