The Return of God of War Chapter 1271

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1271

Back then, Winsor had defeated Levi, but people ignored his accomplishments.

So he wished to fight against Levi once again, showing the world he could defeat Levi every time.

I’m stronger than Levi Garrison!

However, he got the opportunity to challenge The Calamity instead.

After all, people perceived The Calamity as invincible, and they were practically unstoppable.

If I can defeat them… This accomplishment holds incredible merit. I can prove that I’m stronger than Levi and be the God of War.

“Trolls, I dare you to insult me. As for those who looked down on me, take a good look. I defeated North Sky Lord of The Calamity. Does anyone still think that I’m weaker than Levi Garrison? Come out, now!” Winsor shouted at the rest of the world with no concerns.

He had been suppressing his emotions for too long, and he finally got the chance to vent his frustrations out loud for everyone to hear.

Witnessing the outcome of the battle, those who once looked down on Winsor and supported Levi fell silent as they regretted their actions.

From now on, no one dares to look down on me!

The accomplishment of taking down The Calamity holds incredible merits, and I am the one who earns this glory.

The power he showed convinced everyone, and they acknowledged him as the God of War.

“From now on, Winsor Campbell is the only God of War in my heart!”

With that, Winsor Campbell got the title “God of War” and made a status for himself in Erudia.

He defeated The Calamity, showing the world the greatness of Erudia while solidifying Erudia’s position in the world.

The Calamity that was once invincible was defeated in Erudia.

This was the symbol of Erudia’s strength.

And Levi’s intention all along.

I don’t care if I don’t have the title of the God of War. I only wish for the prosperity of Erudia.

I’ll eliminate any threat of Erudia until the day I die, so the Erudians will not be humiliated by other countries.

Even if it means shouldering all the pain and sufferings.

Looking at Winsor Campbell’s arrogant behavior, North Sky Lord, East Sky Lord, and the rest of The Calamity clenched their fists, their fingernails digging into their palms.


This is absurd!

North Sky Lord could’ve crushed him.

Yet, only one could understand their frustration.

And that was Levi.

He, too, wanted to defeat Winsor for his self-satisfaction, but Erudia’s reputation was at stake.

For Erudia, I’m willing to bear any humiliation.

Winsor Campbell won.

The forces overseas were dumbstruck, as they couldn’t believe it.

According to their speculations, North Sky Lord was much stronger than Winsor Campbell. Hence, they felt that something was amiss that Winsor actually won.

It was way too unexpected.

They had many headlines on standby, waiting for North Sky Lord’s victory so that they could spread the news and mock Erudia for its downfall.

But their plan short circuited.

Instead, Erudia had shown the world once again its greatness and indestructible power.

Once again, Erudia’s enemies were infuriated because they couldn’t do anything to Erudia.

That was exactly what Levi wanted to achieve.

Meanwhile, Winsor was giddy with delight.

Looking at the members of The Calamity with disdain, he snorted coldly, “A bunch of bumpkins!”

I can bring down each and every single one of them!

How spectacular would it be if they clash against Master or the Great Family of Frostford? They would definitely lose miserably.

“Hear my words, The Calamity. I allow you guys to move around in Erudia. But I can wipe you out in minutes, so don’t try something out of line.” Winsor warned.

North Sky Lord was enraged when he heard his words. “Does your strength measure up to your arrogance?”

Winsor turned to look at him and scoffed. “Hmph! What a sore loser! Do you have a problem with that? Fight me again, and we’ll see who’s the winner!”

“Bring it on!” North Sky Lord shouted, not giving in to his opponent.

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