The Return of God of War Chapter 1269

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1269

Later that day, The Calamity had received Winsor’s challenge, and the battle would be held three days later.

However, Winsor pretended that he only had the intention to pick up some martial art skills during the challenge.

When West Sky Lord received the news, she immediately informed Levi. “Master, should we accept his challenge?”

“Of course. Why not? North, you’ll be the one to fight him that day.” Levi gladly accepted the challenge and took a glance at North Sky Lord.

“Yes, Master.” Although North Sky Lord was confused, he still obeyed Levi’s command.

The rest of the members were exchanging glances, one amongst another. Master could prove his power by defeating Winsor personally.

So why did Master request for North to fight Winsor?

The day of the battle finally arrived.

Although only Winsor alone was challenging The Calamity, it still caused an uproar within Erudia, and many went to see his fight.

Over thousands of people showed up in North Hampton to spectate the fight.

And the entire world’s attention was on their battle.

After all, everyone was interested in witnessing the outcome of the epic fight between Winsor Campbell and The Calamity.

What if The Calamity won this fight?

After all, no one would be able to subdue them.

But if Winsor were to emerge victorious, everyone would know that was stronger than Levi.

Levi could defeat the whole Blood King Palace, but Winsor Campbell could take down The Calamity, which was even stronger than the Blood King Palace.

Everyone could tell the strong from the weak in a glance!

Hence, this was an important fight to Winsor, and he would have to win, no matter what.

Not only was it to prove himself, but it was also to uphold the honor of Erudia.

The citizens of Erudia, too, wished for Winsor’s victory to show the world the greatness of Erudia.

However, the countries and forces overseas wished for The Calamity’s victory because they liked to see Erudia’s downfall.

The thought of Erudia suffering a crushing defeat made them excited because Erudia had been suppressing them for too long.

Hence, they wanted to take this opportunity to get back at them.

If Winsor lost, they would be able to create a huge ruckus out of it and rub salt to Erudia’s injury.

Even so, Winsor didn’t think of this when he challenged The Calamity using his own name. Nonetheless, he was still a citizen of Erudia, so he represented his country.

This battle was held in a combat club in North Hampton.

A few of The Calamity members were there.

All of them wore half angel and half devil masks.

Even Levi wore the mask because he couldn’t show his face to the public.

Sitting beside Levi, North Sky Lord scoffed, “Master, this Winsor wishes to challenge The Calamity?”

What a joke!

Levi defeated his master and seniors who were stronger than him, and that included Demon Blade of the ultimate class.

To The Calamity, Winsor Campbell was nothing.

And because of that, North Sky Lord was reluctant to face an opponent this weak as he was nowhere near his level.

“Fight him once and for all. We should accept this challenge.” Levi urged.

After that, he leaned in and whispered in the North Sky Lord’s ears.

Hearing his words, the North Sky Lord was surprised, but he nodded and promised his Master.

After a while, Winsor Campbell arrived at the battle arena with Zar and two other disciples, but they only wore normal clothing.

On this day, everyone was dressed as commoners.

Meanwhile, thousands of citizens were there, spectating the fight and cheering for Winsor.

After all, everyone was worried The Calamity would go on a rampage in Erudia.

So if Winsor defeated The Calamity, everyone would be relieved because Winsor could defend Erudia from The Calamity’s domination.

Receiving the cheers and encouragements from the people, Winsor couldn’t help but feel excited.

I must not lose this fight!

Winsor then asked The Calamity, “Where’s your Master?”

Levi announced, “Today, North Sky Lord will be your opponent.”

Winsor replied, “Alright. I heard North Sky Lord is the strongest person in The Calamity. I shall be his opponent.”

The epic fight between Winsor Campbell and North Sky Lord was going to break out anytime.

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