The Return of God of War Chapter 1268

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1268

The North Garrison family would never expect Miguel to meet The Calamity.

Miguel looked at the dark crowd in front of him and was dumbstruck.

Everyone knew The Calamity, and the fact that they were undefeatable became the talk of the town.

It soon became a hell-like existence to the people, instilling fear deep in their hearts.

Horror overwhelmed them once people heard their name.

Miguel was from an upper-class society, so he knew very well how terrifying The Calamity was.

And he had never felt so threatened before meeting The Calamity.

Clink! Clink! Clink!

Thousands of men of The Calamity unsheathed their ancient daggers, and the daggers were so sharp that they reflected the deaths of their enemies.

Soon after that, they chorused, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Everything about The Calamity sent fear to those looking at them, from their low war cry to their undefeatable suppressing aura and then their cold murderous intent.

Suddenly, some warm liquid trickled down Miguel’s pants, making them wet. It was then followed by the pungent smell of piss.

He had pissed his pants out of fear!

But others weren’t any better off either.

Even the God class warriors were shaking in an odd trembling rhythm.


Suddenly, the North Sky Lord charged onto them like a beast on the loose.

“Argh…” Hundreds of powerful warriors were sent flying out one by one from the impact.

Even those powerful warriors of the North Garrison family couldn’t withstand his single blow.

“Please don’t kill me!” Miguel fell to his knees, witnessing the massacre in front of him.


“Argh!” He let out a horrendous scream.


“Argh!” Once again, he yelled out in agony.

North Sky Lord stepped on Miguel’s knees, and the latter’s bones were crushed as he sprawled on the ground, lifeless.


Levi held the urn as he stepped over his body.


And another followed.


The sound of bones crushing ensued until all of Levi’s men walked to the other side.

By then, the gates of Greenhills Cemetery were wide open, simply letting Levi and his men enter.

No one dared to block their paths any longer.

Everyone was, in fact, kneeling and clearing out a path for Levi to enter.

After they entered Greenhills Cemetery, the tombstones arrived one by one quickly.

Levi carved the names of the three hundred and fifty-seven men on the tombstones, one by one, using his dagger.

I’ll remember each and every one of you.

After he finished, he held a grand funeral for his fallen comrades.

“Brothers, may you rest in peace.” Levi splashed a bowl of alcohol on the tombstones, paying his respect.

The men standing behind him did the same.

After resolving this matter, Levi decided that he wouldn’t leave Erudia ever again.

“When I was in deep waters, many came and looked for trouble. But I’m a man who takes an eye for an eye. I’m back, Erudia!” He said as his eyes glinted with malice.

In the meantime, the citizens of Erudia were spreading the news about The Calamity arriving in Erudia.

The prominent families and influential forces were consumed by panic and fear. They were worried that The Calamity would come to look for them as they didn’t know why The Calamity came to Erudia.

As for Tyrone, he was bewildered when he learned that the North Garrison family had allowed Jonah and his men’s ashes to be buried in the Northway City.

Even if he asked for an answer, there was no reply.

Olivia’s condition didn’t seem to improve, as she was still mentally unstable and seemed to see ghosts all the time.

But the exorcists said Olivia wasn’t possessed, so maybe she was traumatized.

On the other side, something bad happened to the Great Family of Frostford.

Someone from the Great Family of Frostford died in the commoner’s society, and they were investigating this matter.

His thoughts were in a muddle, as he couldn’t think of a clue to solve the series of problems in one go.

Not to mention, The Calamity is in Erudia, and we, the Garrison family, are currently the most powerful ancient family.

We are at risk here.

Tyrone couldn’t sleep well with these worries and problems bugging him.

Although everyone feared The Calamity, there was one person who was extremely excited.

It was Winsor Campbell.

He was a genius in martial arts, as he used the shortest time to learn every battle technique from Sampson. Thus, he was full of confidence.

“Find out where The Calamity is. I want to challenge them.” Winsor was so impatient to prove his worth.

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