The Return of God of War Chapter 1267

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1267

The staff of the Greenhills Cemetery spoke in a polite tone, but his words were brutally sharp as he directly labeled Jonah and his men as traitors.

This was all arranged by the Oakland City’s Garrison clan.

They used their resources and spread the news of Jonah and his men being traitors.

With that, everyone labeled those three hundred men as traitors.

Not only that but their family members were dragged into this matter too, especially the Haven’s Garrison family. All of them were in deep water, being punished by Tyrone.

Tyrone didn’t care about kinships. He plunged the Haven’s Garrison family into hell only because Jonah escorted Levi.

As for the rest, they were punished one by one by Tyrone.

Now that he heard Jonah and his men’s ashes were to be kept in Erudia, he immediately used some underhanded methods.

“Who are you calling a traitor?” Lowering his voice, Levi stared at the staff with an icy gaze.

“Ask any other person in Erudia. Everyone knows they’re traitors.”

“They actually risked their lives to escort that traitor, the former God of War. And they died. Serves them right!”

“A bunch of traitors died, and they wished to be buried here, in Erudia’s cemetery? Dream on! It’s good enough to find some unmarked burial ground and sprinkle their ashes over there.”

The staff burst into laughter as they chatted on, mocking the “traitors” of Erudia.

When they notice Levi and his men were still standing at the entrance, they growled, “Scram! No cemetery in Erudia will accept these traitors.”

“But I’m going into the cemetery today, and I’ll build their tombstones then organize a funeral for them.” Coldness flashed across Levi’s eyes as he glared at them.

This time, Levi was determined.

I’ll no longer be hesitant.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to honor their deaths, even if it means killing my path to achieving this.

“Well, well. Who’s this? So cocky, eh?” Following up the voice, hundreds of people emerged from the room.

Every single person there was incredibly strong.

There were even some God class warriors among those men.

Their leader seemed to be a young man called Miguel Garrison.

He was the heir to the Garrison family from the North of Erudia.

The North Garrison family was merely obeying Tyrone’s orders, so they came to stop Levi and his men.

Miguel then announced, “Bastards, let me tell you something. You guys are prohibited from entering any cemetery in Erudia.”

He took a glance at the urn in Levi’s arms and commanded, “Guys, take the traitors’ urns and sprinkle their ashes into the sewers. How befitting for them to be with urine and excrement.”

Right after that, Miguel’s men were prepared to snatch the urns from Levi and his men.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

However, before they could do anything, they could hear the sound of a uniformed pace.


Strong gusts of wind blew at them, hurling the leaves on the ground into the air as a deadly aura surrounded them.

In just a split second, a huge crowd appeared before them in black clothing, with half angel and half devil masks covering their faces. They were also holding ancient daggers in their hands.

The Calamity!

The fighters of the North Garrison family froze on the spot when they felt the weight of a mountain crashing on them.

Looking at thousands of men appearing before him, Miguel swallowed hard.

At that moment, his phone rang, and he received the call.

Before he could speak, a voice filled with worry could be heard on the phone. “Mick, The Calamity is in the Northway City of Erudia. Be careful and don’t offend them. Even the Oakland City’s Garrison clan couldn’t withstand their strength, let alone us, the North Garrison family. They are easily recognizable. The members wear half angel and half devil masks…”


Having heard that, Miguel dropped his phone.

“Mick… Mick? What’s going on? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

The person on the line proceeded to yell his name.

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