The Return of God of War Chapter 1264

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1264

“Go on, have a try. I’ll break your legs if you do!” roared North Sky Lord.

Harris blabbered but did not dare say much. He was still terrified after his first encounter with North Sky Lord.

“Now go back to your own f*cking seats and behave yourselves. Considering you’re kids, I’m going to let this slide. Otherwise, I’ll really break your goddamn legs!” bellowed North Sky Lord.

Everyone was frightened into submission. One by one, they backed away slowly.

They may come from illustrious households, but with no bodyguards around, nobody dared behave too rashly.

However, before leaving the first class cabin, Harris took a few pictures of Levi.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked North Sky Lord angrily. He was getting really tired of their nonsense.

“Well, weren’t you acting all high and mighty earlier? Why don’t you wait a while after we land? I’ll be waiting for you in Riverville!” threatened Harris.

Riverville was Harris’ turf, and he was definitely not going to let the issue slide. Not after how they embarrassed him in front of Sophie!

“So? What will it be? I f*cking dare you to lay a finger on me in Riverville!” sneered Harris again.

“As you wish.”

North Sky Lord was a little taken aback. He was not expecting Levi to agree to this.

This could only mean that Levi was extremely angry.

“Then you’re done for!” exclaimed Harris as he arrogantly walked towards the economy class cabin.

Before the plane took off, he quickly sent the photographs to the butler. A background check on these people was necessary.

Harris Lopez may be the scion of a powerful family, but he had a clear mind when it came to such things.

Before he picked a proper fight, he would always run a background check to prevent any trouble.

The butler soon replied.

‘These individuals are just ordinary people with no prominent background or lineage.’

But that wasn’t true at all.

Levi’s identity was deliberately made obscure, along with the other members on his team.

Any searches conducted in the databases would’ve come up blank.

Harris looked at the response gleefully. “Ah, so they are a group of nobodies after all! You’re all going to be f*cked when this plane lands.”

“They need to be taught a lesson for being that unreasonable!” said Sophie with a huff.

She thought she had done nothing wrong and that the fault was all Levi’s.

Sophie remained blissfully unaware of the fact that what she did was emotional blackmail.

Levi Garrison could do whatever the hell he wanted with the money he spent. Nobody could say anything.

“Indeed. I’ve already notified the family. My bodyguards are now waiting outside the airport. Those three had better be prepared!” replied Harris smugly.

Sophie looked at Harris approvingly, which also made him feel excited.

The flight to the city took approximately an hour and a half.

They landed safely in the Riverville airport.

Levi and his party got off the plane, boxes of urns in tow.

Immediately after they left the airport, they were stopped by Harris Lopez.

“Are you thinking of escaping? Don’t even think about it!” Harris had an ugly sneer on his face.

“Send them out!” commanded Harris.

A few dozen cars stopped at the sidewalk, and a few hundred brawny men rushed out of the car.

Soon, Levi and his team were surrounded.

The men were bodyguards employed by the Lopez family—capable individuals who knew how to engage in combat where necessary.

“Do you know who you’re messing with? I’m Harris Lopez, the eldest son of the Lopez family in Riverville! This is payback for what happened earlier!”

Now that Harris was safely back in his own domain, he could afford to be cockier.

He didn’t have to worry about the consequences, nor did he have to take anything else into consideration.

“Who dares provoke the young Mr. Lopez?” yelled all the bodyguards in unison. “Do you have a death wish?”

The frightened crowd scurried away frantically, not wishing to get involved in a mess like this.

Sophie had thought of something in the meantime. “Don’t be too heavy-handed.” she cautioned. “You might accidentally kill someone.”

Harris grinned and replied, “Don’t worry, I know my limits. I’m just going to break their limbs at most, just to teach them a lesson!”

“Kneel and beg! Maybe then, I’ll consider forgiving you just this once!”

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