The Return of God of War Chapter 1262

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1262


West Sky Lord hesitated briefly before replying, “A ban has been issued. All cemeteries are now off-limits to ‘the likes of Mr. Jonah Garrison and any other such figures.’ Forget about building them a tomb. You can’t even lay them to rest!”

After she said her piece, West Sky Lord felt a chill pierce through her spine.

She subconsciously took two steps back and waited for Levi to respond.

“In other words, they are only worthy of being buried in the wilderness?” asked Levi.

“Yes, apparently so. Rumors have been spread, claiming that Mr. Jonah Garrison and the three hundred or so men were traitors. Traitors cannot be interred in Erudia because they don’t deserve that honor.”

“They’re also saying that their deaths were well-deserved,” said West Sky Lord with a shiver. “Nobody should’ve protected the ‘main culprit’ to begin with.”

The air around them was tense. Everyone could sense that Levi was seething.

They had to endure such tragic, miserable deaths. On top of that, they’re not even allowed to be buried in their own homeland? They are not to be honored?

If he could not do that for his fallen comrades, how could he face their souls?

“I don’t care who stands in my way! My comrades and brothers-in-arms, they need a home! I will build them a monument and conduct the funeral rites they rightfully deserve!”

Turning to face the rest of his team, Levi issued new commands in a low growl. “Our new destination – Northway City, Greenhills Cemetery. We are to ensure that all three hundred and fifty-six of my comrades are interred properly!”

The whole entourage pressed on to the largest city in the north, Northway.

Levi wanted to bury his comrades there.

North Sky Lord nudged West Sky Lord and asked, “Who imposed the ban?”

“The Garrison clan of Oakland city,” whispered West Sky Lord.

She did not have the courage to reveal that information to Levi earlier.

North Sky Lord took a deep breath. He’d guessed as much. Only the most powerful family in Erudia had that kind of reach.

Truth be told, the Garrison clan is playing with fire. They’re going to shoot themselves in the foot at this point.

As the people closest to Levi right now, they could feel the sorrow that Levi felt over Jonah’s death. In fact, he blamed himself mainly.

Because he could not save Jonah from his demise, Levi felt that the only atonement he could offer was to build him a tomb.

God help anyone who stood in his way.

At last, they reached a small airport at the edge of Erudia. Levi and his team held the boxes that contained the urns and carefully moved them in on foot.

The next flight was bound for Northway City without many passengers on board.

Levi then decided to purchase all the empty seats available. It was the least he could do and the most respectful, in his opinion. He couldn’t bear to check the urns in.

Of course, this was under the assumption that there were plenty of seats. Levi had no desire to cause any inconvenience to anyone else.

Besides, the boxes were all carefully wrapped, so nobody could tell what they contained.

Just then, a party of three women and two men walked up to the counter. The women looked beautiful, and the men were quite good-looking.

The girl who stood in front of the group was particularly stunning. She had a small and dainty face, no bigger than her palm. Her skin was alluring, reminiscent of uncut jade.

She wore a blouse and a pair of hot pants, which exposed her long and slender legs. Her creamy white skin looked very attractive.

The girl’s face also looked quite young. Given her youthful demeanor, she was likely still a student.

At a glance, anyone could tell that she was the campus belle.

Sophie Lehman frowned slightly gave the boarding pass a disdainful look. “Why did you buy the tickets so late, Harris? Now we’re got to fly in economy class!” She enunciated the words ‘economy class’ with a slight grimace.

The boy next to her replied, “Well, it is my fault. I’ll see if I can get us upgraded.”

The group of five had just returned from their summer vacation in the North.

Harris Lopez took his boarding pass and walked towards Levi, who was about to board first class. “Hey, you! Let’s swap seats. I’ll make up for the difference and give you another five thousand for your trouble.”

Harris Lopez could be quite demanding when he needed to be.

Levi didn’t bother looking up and gave Harris a firm ‘no’.

“Ten thousand then!” said Harris angrily.


“What about fifty thousand?” asked Harris again, through gritted teeth.

“I said, no.”

This was enough to make Sophie Lehman lose her temper as well. “Hey, what is the meaning of this? You’re not even going to look at us when we talk to you? You’re so f*cking rude!”

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