The Return of God of War Chapter 1261

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1261

Talon and Bolgun hurriedly held Zar back and motioned for him to hold his tongue.

They could tell that Winsor Campbell was eager to prove himself. He was not willing to live in the shadow of his predecessor throughout his tenure.

Zar cleared his throat. “Well, making a move will not be impossible, but…” he trailed off and paused briefly.

“But what?” asked Winsor.

“God of War, you should present your challenge to The Calamity as a civilian. Don’t drag any particular stance into this,” suggested Zar with a hint of hesitation.

“Well, that might actually work. The most important thing is for me to defeat The Calamity and win everyone over!”

“To guarantee my victory, I’ll go into seclusion for the time being.”

Winsor was eager to practice the combat skills Sampson taught him.

If my training is successful, then I’d challenge The Calamity. My chances of succeeding would be higher as well.

Winsor Campbell may have been of noble stock, but he had yet to face a real opponent.

For that reason, he’d always erroneously assumed that there were no other experts in the world.

Such thoughts had made him complacent.

As such, Sampson’s elusiveness was so great that news of his death never reached Winsor’s ears. He had no way of finding out at all.

Back in North Hampton, Zoey and Emma Jones had just received word from Levi over the phone.

“Mom? Levi said he’d be back soon,” said Zoey excitedly.

All this while, things had been normal.

Nobody had come for Forlevia’s head either, but Zoey had to maintain the charade.

Everyone assumed that Levi was dead, so they had to play the part of the grieving family.

After all, there were still strangers who had come to ask about information regarding the circumstances of Levi’s death. Hence, they had to play safe.

At the time, plenty of villains had shown up too.

Not too long ago, the Garrison clan in Oakland City was being taunted.

The Lopezes and the Black family, on the other hand, believed that Levi was clobbered to death by the Garrison clan.

Coupled with the fact that Dale Lehman had severed ties with Zoey, both the Lopezes and the Black family had been pushing for Zoey to find a backer.

It was in her best interests, or so they claimed, that she found a powerful new husband. That way, she would be able to secure her estate and wealth.

The Lopezes and Black family had not been completely wrong in their suggestion, though.

Since she’d also lost the support of the Lehman Group, many outsiders had been eyeing the Morris Group with great interest.

Zoey and the others were slowly being pushed to the brink of danger.

She would have difficulties holding on soon.

At this moment, Levi Garrison was making his way back to Erudia.

The entourage that followed him contained a total of three hundred and fifty-seven burial urns.

Among them were the remains of Hades, wrapped in a separate sheet. After all, he was from L nation, and they deserved closure as well.

Levi decided to first sort out the matter of his comrades in Erudia before bringing Hades’ remains back to L nation for his interment.

Earlier on, Levi conducted a funeral in an unnamed town near Northgale and had the remains of all the victims cremated there.

All these innocent lives. What an sad sight!

“Comrades, our homeland lies ahead! Finally, I’ve brought you home!” shouted Levi, the moment he spotted the familiar sights of Erudia.

Had it not been for this bunch of rough man, he’d likely not be alive. They gave him a chance at rebirth.

Thankfully, he was strong enough to avenge his comrades. None of the culprits deserved to make it out alive.

As they approached Erudia’s borders, Levi got out of the car.

Holding Jonah’s urn in his hands, he proceeded towards Erudian soil on foot.

The rest of his team followed suit.

Levi was enacting the highest honors possible to bring home his fallen comrades.

In the split second that ensued, Levi had mixed feelings about his mission.

He was quite relieved that he could bring them home and inter them on their own soil.

He could not raise them to be martyrs or patriots, but he could build them a tomb or a monument at least.

His happiness was short-lived, however. West Sky Lord approached Levi with a grim expression on her face. “Master, I come bearing bad news.”

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