The Return of God of War Chapter 1260

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1260

“You will never know the answer to that secret!”

Suddenly, Tenichi’s face contorted into a twisted smile as he plunged a tanto right into his abdomen. The pain made him gasp out loud, but he persisted.

He knelt on the ground and shouted, “Bushido will live on!”

The tanto was coated with poison, and it didn’t take long before Tenichi breathed his last.

The poison was fast-acting, and there would’ve been no chance at saving him.

Levi Garrison wanted to know how the Blood King Palace made its return, but the trail had gone cold.

It didn’t matter that much to him, however. He had avenged his brothers-in-arms, and that was the most important thing.

“You have been avenged! Now I’m going to bring you all home!” shouted Levi.

Levi had ordered his men to retrieve the bodies of all three hundred and fifty-seven victims, including that of Jonah Garrison.

Given that some of the bodies had been found in a sorry state, Levi decided to cremate everyone and have the ashes packed in burial urns.

He couldn’t bear to bury them in a foreign land. They had to be buried at home in Erudia.

These were warriors of Erudia, men born and raised there.

Levi was determined to have a tomb built for all of his fallen comrades.

Soon after, Levi and North Sky Lord left the Tower of the Sun, only to be met by the tears of a hundred thousand men.

Seeing the two leave intact was a cause of great sorrow to them. They realized that this meant the defeat of Demon Blade.

Raysonian Bushido had failed once again.

The defeat had dealt a devastating blow to their morale. There was no telling if they would recover from the humiliation, even after a century had passed.

This was a day the followers of Raysonian Bushido would never forget.

If this shame were not eradicated in the near future, they feared they would no longer have any dignity left.

Word of this battle had spread quite quickly.

The Master of the Calamity and North Sky Lord had single-handedly defeated the Raysonians in combat.

First came the defeat of both Yuta Yamamoto and Ichiro Mitsui, followed by one hundred thousand samurai who were sent to fight Levi and North Sky Lord.

Among the biggest casualties were the seven Great Grandmasters including Demon Blade, the Ultimate Great Grandmaster, in Bayview’s tallest tower, including the death of Watanabe Tenichi, the military strategist.

The world exploded in a frenzy as soon as word got out.

There was no denying the strength of The Calamity.

Blood King Palace seemed to pale in comparison. They were barely on the same level!

Before this, Blood King Palace was considered a force too difficult to destroy, having earned notoriety as the most powerful group in The Dark World.

The Calamity’s actions in taking the initiative were making waves.

Having won the so-called Battle of the Gods, The Calamity had earned a place in the hierarchy.

They were quickly ranked as the most dangerous force in the world, and their danger levels were off the charts.

However, it was not fair to compare both The Calamity and Blood King Palace in the same vein.

Blood King Palace was an organization that took pride in shady dealings, including assassination, sabotage, and threats to establish its dominance.

The Calamity, on the other hand, only wanted revenge for past grievances.

However, this act of avenging their fallen was seen as something even more terrifying and cruel in the eyes of the public. Somehow, this was worse than the past actions of Blood King Palace.

For now, the world was set abuzz discussing The Calamity, especially Erudia.

Levi’s supporters had ideas of their own. “If only Levi Garrison were still alive!” lamented some. “Surely he’s the only one who can defeat The Calamity!”

“Yes, and their actions are even more belligerent than Blood King Palace! What arrogance! If Levi Garrison were here, they wouldn’t last a second!”

“Hell, if Levi Garrison were still alive, there will be no place for The Calamity!”

These remarks caught the ear of Winsor Campbell, who was furious.

He was the one who held the title God of War, but all they were concerned about was Levi Garrison.

Everyone hoped that Levi would still be alive and step in to eradicate The Calamity.

Winsor gritted his teeth and swore inwardly. Why can’t I do it? Am I less capable than Levi?

He’d barely done anything, only to be defeated by Levi Garrison in name alone.

“I want to take action on The Calamity!” said Winsor.

“But the Dragonites won’t let us—”

Zar’s explanation was cut short by Winsor’s glare.

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