The Return of God of War Chapter 1257

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1257

Levi and North Sky Lord were making quick work of the warriors in all two hundred floors.

Each floor was full of God class warriors but all of them were defeated. They were no match for the two of them.

These warriors were the backbone of Raysonian Bushido, who owed their successes in combat to the vigorous training under this branch. In spite of their efforts, they were wiped out easily. They could barely hold Levi back for more than a minute.

Levi and North Sky Lord were truly masterful opponents.

All it took was their combined efforts to decimate the legacy of Raysonian Bushido.

The pair made their way up the tower steadily, before finally arriving at its peak.

Suddenly, a group of six warriors surrounded them.

They were Tenichi’s trump card. His last resort, the Six Great Grandmaster.

If he had not been in such dire straits, the thought of bringing them out wouldn’t have crossed Tenichi’s mind.

“Levi Garrison! Let this floor be your grave!”

The Six pinned Levi with a threatening glare, as they readied their attacks.

North Sky Lord eyed the six figures coldly and said, “Master, leave them to me.”

“Alright!” replied Levi as he rushed towards the peak.

The Six Great Grandmaster tried to stop Levi, but they were held back by North Sky Lord.

A ferocious battle broke out between the seven in that small, confined space.

At the peak of the Tower of the Sun, Demon Blade sat on his knees. His eyes were closed as he waited for Levi’s impending arrival.

Tenichi was standing next to him.

The weather reflected the bleak atmosphere of Raysonia. Dark clouds gathered in the sky, adding to the sense of foreboding and gloom.

The Tower was easily one of the tallest structures in the land. The upper half was encased in the clouds, where its current occupants lay in wait amongst the howling winds and gathered mist.

Outside, a storm was brewing.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps was heard approaching the room.

Tenichi’s face fell.

And so he arrives.

A gruesome figure rapidly approached, drenched in blood.

Suddenly, Demon Blade opened his eyes. He glared at Levi with lightning illuminating his gaze.

A terrible shockwave formed and blasted its way towards Levi, letting out a loud rumble. Boom!

Levi only stood there, blood dripping off his body.

Tenichi stared for some time and realized that none of the blood on Levi’s body was his own.

What the hell? Did he fight over a hundred thousand men without a single injury? His breath is calm and steady. His footsteps are light. Did he seriously just fight a battle? The thought made Tenichi’s blood run cold.

Demon Blade, however, grinned.

Levi was a strong opponent, and that certainly piqued his interest.

Why would I even bother killing someone weak?

After all, he had not come out of a fifty-year seclusion to fight a wimp.

When Levi arrived, he looked at his surroundings bemusedly before saying, “Not a bad place you’ve chosen for your death.”

“You arrogant little sh*t!” Demon Blade glanced at Levi and pinned him with a glare.

Surprisingly enough, Tenichi seemed relaxed. “Goodness, you’re so strong! If not for the circumstances, I’d love to be friends with you!”

“Do you think you’re somehow worthy of that? Piss off.” Levi clicked his tongue in annoyance and pointed an accusatory finger at Tenichi.

“Look, I know you’re determined to kill me and all, but do you know who this man is, standing before you?” asked Tenichi, with an absent-minded flick of his wrist. “Allow me to introduce you to Demon Blade, the Ultimate class warrior of the highest caliber in Raysonia.

“Fifty years ago, this man single-handedly took on all of Bayview’s Ultimate class warriors, only to deliver unto them a crushing defeat. Nobody would dare cross him, and I honestly doubt that even someone of your capabilities will win against him today.”

Suddenly, there was a fierceness in Tenichi’s eyes. “Levi Garrison, I’m here to sentence you to death by the hands of the Ultimate Great Grandmaster. Consider this an honor of the highest degree!”

“I’m still going to kill you!” came Levi’s reply. He seemed unperturbed by the threat.

“Such arrogance. Young man, do you think you can kill him? You’ll have to go through me first!” retorted Demon Blade.

Levi sneered. “Ah, but what is youth without arrogance, old man?”

“Five years ago, you threw Raysonian Bushido such a heavy blow that you set us back by fifty years. It was a nightmare. You’ve been our greatest source of shame!”

He paused briefly and gave Levi another icy stare. “Henceforth, I, Kawasaki Zando, pledge to defeat you and restore Raysonian Bushido to its former glory!”

Very slowly, Demon Blade got to his feet.


His body pulsed with static and gave out a threatening aura. There was the sound of the wind howling and the distant crack of thunder.

“Pay attention, young man. One slice of my blade will be enough to finish you.”

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