The Return of God of War Chapter 1256

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1256

What Levi and North Sky Lord didn’t realize was that the earlier battle had only been a taste of what was to come.

There may have been an army of five thousand at the Military Division’s grounds, but that was only a fraction of the conscripted fighters.

Levi paused to survey the area and found that the real deterrent to hinder their progress lay outside the grounds.

The Tower of the Sun wasn’t too far away from the Military Division, but they had to traverse a pathway spanning ten kilometers.

Warriors had been stationed throughout the way, and they were by no means unskilled.

They had been lying in wait, biding their time for a chance to attack.

All of them were men loyal to Tenichi, duty-bound to defend him with their lives.

This was all a part of Tenichi’s plan. Even if the mob of warriors couldn’t kill Levi, there was a chance they would overwhelm him instead.

Levi might not be dead, but he would at least be exhausted. Or so he thought.

In a grievous miscalculation, Tenichi failed to anticipate the true strength of his opponents.

The samurai he had positioned barely proved to be a hindrance to them at all.

The pair swept through their defenses with a crushing force, defeating any obstacle in their path.

Soon, nobody was left standing.

But the one thing that even Watanabe Tenichi himself did not expect was the sheer number of loyal men who showed up to stop Levi.

The entire pathway was dotted with no less than a hundred thousand samurai.

They all believe in the spirit of Bushido and were eager to fight.

Having heard that Watanabe Tenichi was in danger, they all rallied to his call, hoping for a chance to restore Raysonian Bushido to its former glory.

Samurai from all over came with a single purpose, to kill Levi Garrison.

It had been less than an hour, but it felt like an eternity had passed.

Soon, Levi and North Sky Lord arrived at the base of the Tower of the Sun.

Both men were drenched in enough blood to be mistaken for corpses, but the blood did not belong to them.

So far, all hundred thousand men they encountered on their way to the Tower of the Sun had been defeated. The bodies piled high, with the stench of blood and warfare filling the air.

Throughout the region, the wails of defeated samurai were heard. It was a sorrowful lament of shame and anguish.

This was an even bigger smear on Raysonian Bushido, worse than the colossal embarrassment they had to endure five years ago.

Not even one hundred thousand samurai could stop the two of them.

If news of the fight were to spread, it would’ve been named the Battle of Gods.

The Master of The Calamity, as well as North Sky Lord, had successfully defeated a hundred thousand samurai on Raysonia.

This was the equivalent of two grown men warding off insects.

The Raysonians had no dignity left to spare, for it was completely destroyed by their losses in this battle.

This fight would set Raysonian Bushido back by ten years. It wasn’t just men they lost, but most importantly, their dignity.

The shame was more than what everyone could bear.

They could only watch, completely hapless at the pair’s advances.

Soon, it was up to Tenichi alone to put up a fight.

He bore the hopes of the thousands on Raysonia. These were the men who desperately wanted to bring back Raysonian Bushido to a more respectable state.

“Levi Garrison must be defeated! Glory to Raysonia!”

Thousands of the fallen lay there, their eyes watching the Tower of the Sun, the place where their only hopes remained.

Looking at the Tower of the Sun, Levi sneered. “Even if you go to hell and back, Tenichi, I will have your head!”

With that, Levi and North Sky Lord entered the Tower.

Tenichi was not about to let them waltz inside, unhindered. He had stationed even more fighters, ready to intercept the moment Levi entered the building.

Despite that, Levi and North Sky Lord managed to fight their way through all two hundred floors. After all, this wasn’t a question of difficulty but merely time.

Levi and North Sky Lord were the invincible duo.

It did not take them long at all, in fact. The battle was a bloody one, as they fought their way up.

At the very top of the tower, Tenichi feverishly kept track of their movements. Every bit of progress was reported to him, with no information withheld.

“What? They fought their way through all of them?” exclaimed Tenichi worriedly.

“Is he injured?” he inquired again, hurriedly. This is troubling news indeed.

“He’s covered in blood. If he does manage to get up here, he’s probably exhausted!” came one report.

Tenichi smiled. “Ha! He’s strong indeed, but we have something better!”

Demon Blade merely observed the exchange impassively.

He couldn’t care less. A single blow would be enough to put them out of their misery.

I bet Levi Garrison wouldn’t see my blade coming, he mused.

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