The Return of God of War Chapter 1252

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1252

Within the Great Family of Frostford, which was the backbone of Sampson Finch, Watanabe Tenichi was one of the most talented individuals.

Though Levi had never fought Tenichi personally, he had heard quite a lot of rumors.

Watanabe Tenichi was the famous military strategist of Raysonia.

“Those two seemed to have waited for us to show up at their doors. They were completely unprepared! This is probably just a distraction for Tenichi to buy more time to set up traps!” The North Sky Lord said.

Levi pursed his lips and said, “Oh, I’ll let him do what he wants for now. I’ll be able to hunt him down anyways.”

Meanwhile, a total of three thousand samurais, including god class warriors, had gathered at the Military Division.

For the sake of safeguarding his own life, Tenichi decided to play every last one of his trump cards.

He even had Kawasaki Zando, the Great Grandmaster of Raysonia, on his side.

Tenichi was confident about the upcoming battle.

“By the way, any news from Yuta?” He asked.

“Nothing for now! Based on the information gathered by our spies, The Calamity has yet to make a move,” his subordinate replied.

“Is The Calamity really coming?” Demon Blade, who was sitting on a futon, snarled.

“Yes, yes! I am quite certain of it!” Tenichi said firmly.

“This is our chance to move up the ranks once more! If we can defeat or even destroy The Calamity in this battle, we’ll be able to show the world just how formidable we are!” He continued.

Demon Blade squinted his eyes and said, “Well, let them come. I’ll just kill them all for the sake of the Raysonian Bushido!”

With those words, Tenichi felt more reassured than ever.

All the fear and apprehension that he felt were dispelled.

Oh, they better show up…

Even so, minutes ticked by, but they received no updates on the whereabouts of The Calamity.

Yuta and Ichiro were also nowhere to be found.

“What if something bad happened to them?” Someone among them said.


At that exact moment, a thundering rumble reverberated throughout the manor.

The stone gates of the Military Division, which weighed five tons, crumbled into pieces in the blink of an eye.

Someone had kicked them down from outside.

Bam! Whoosh!

Before anyone could react, the entire Military Division was shaking, as if an earthquake had hit the area. Ripples began forming uncontrollably in the artificial lake within the manor.

“Someone’s coming!”

All of the samurais who were on standby quickly stood up and got into position, staring intently at the doors of the room.

Kawasaki Zando, who had been meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, looking battle-ready.



Two unidentified projectiles flew across the room at lightning speed.




The samurais on the first line of defense responded swiftly, deflecting and slashing through the projectiles.

“What in the world? Yuta? Ichiro?”

When the samurais finally took a closer look at the supposed projectiles shot at them, they froze on the spot, in utter shock and terror.

Those were not projectiles; those were the flesh and bones of Yamamoto Yuta and Mitsui Ichiro!

Tenichi’s face turned pale as a sheet.

So those two have already fallen…

Is that how powerful The Calamity really is?

Two ultimate class warriors, fighting alongside thousands of samurais and god class warriors. And yet, they were brutally slaughtered like this?

Demon Blade narrowed his eyes.

Pursing his lips into a cold smile, he seemed to be rather amused by the turn of events.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

There was a shuffle of footsteps approaching the room.

Each of the footsteps sounded like the beat of a drum, building up the tension in the room in a steady crescendo.

The silhouettes of two men could be seen.

“Two men?” Someone pointed out.

“Am I seeing things? Two men trying to fight against us? Here in the Military Division?” Another said.

The samurais in the room were completely dumbfounded by the odd turn of events.

Seriously? This is too absurd!

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