The Return of God of War Chapter 1251

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1251

“Levi… Levi Garrison… H-How are y-you still…” Ichiro had completely lost his marbles.

His voice was shaking so much that he could barely finish a sentence.

With his body convulsing in terror, it seemed that he was about to collapse any moment.

In the meantime, Yuta’s face darkened in fear and anger. “It’s you! Levi Garrison! How in the world are you still alive!” He growled.


The samurais at the scene gasped, their faces turning pale.

Just when they thought that they had survived the worst crisis that struck their lands, they were met with the man of their nightmares – Levi Garrison.

He was not only a man who came back from the dead, but their greatest enemy who had humiliated their country fifty years ago.

The samurais of Raysonia had so much hatred for Levi that they carved his face deep into their minds so that they would never forget about their ultimate foe.

Killing Levi Garrison became the top priority for every samurai in Raysonia.

It was like a mission ingrained into their souls.

However, upon seeing Levi standing before them, their immense fury quickly turned into confusion and fear.

Is he a ghost?

Many had that speculation in mind.

After all, they had seen his dead body with their very own eyes.

And yet, he had somehow come back to life.

How preposterous!

“No, no. He is Levi Garrison! Levi Garrison did not die! I get it! He sent The Calamity!” Ichiro was the first to grasp the situation.

He also caught on the fact that Levi had become the master of The Calamity.

“What? He’s the master of The Calamity?” Yuta exclaimed, his eyes widening.

When The Calamity first appeared, everyone was so sure that they came to power because of Levi’s death.

But, who would have known, that in reality, Levi Garrison was the one in command of The Calamity!

Piece by piece, past events were starting to add up.

The disappearance of the Harbinger of Death, the series of actions taken by The Calamity, and the recent deaths were all linked to the man – Levi Garrison.

It was obvious by then, that Levi was seeking revenge.

Everything finally made sense right then and there.

After their long wait for The Calamity to arrive, Levi Garrison finally showed up at their doors instead.

“Kill them!” Levi gave his command.

The North Sky Lord immediately sprang into action.

He hurled himself into the crowd, slashing the heads off his enemies.

The samurais did not want to give up just yet, and they dashed towards the North Sky Lord, fighting with all their might.

“No matter how many times you come back from the dead, we’ll come after you all the same!” Yuta and Ichiro cried out, pulling out their longswords.

On the battlefield, the samurais fought the North Sky Lord, while the ultimate class warriors focused their attacks on Levi.

Soon, the fight came to a closure.

Not even a single samurai survived the battle with the North Sky Lord, with their corpses lying a gruesome pool of blood on the ground.

Meanwhile, Yuta and Ichiro were also at wits’ end as their longswords were ruthlessly shattered by Levi.

The next thing they knew, Levi was holding them by their necks and lifting them above the ground.

With their eyes filled with fear and dread, they yelled, “Levi, no matter how strong you are, you’ll never be able to kill Tenichi.”

“You won’t even make it out of Raysonia alive! Let me tell you that!”

Little did they know that those were their last words…

“Too bad you two won’t be around to see that!”

Following that, Levi smashed the two bodies together forcibly. Blood splattered all over the place, and all that remained of the two ultimate class fighters was a horrid pile of human flesh.

“Two gone. One left. Watanabe Tenichi, just you wait!” Levi smirked coldly.

And so, the hunt for Watanabe Tenichi began.

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