The Return of God of War Chapter 1250

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1250

Ichiro was speechless.

So were the thousands of samurais around them.

Are they nuts?

Did they just jump off an aircraft without parachutes?

Due to the fact that they were free-falling from a thousand and five hundred meters, the speed at which Levi and the North Sky Lord were moving was frighteningly fast.

The onlookers could not even make out their faces as they plunged downwards, leaving a white trail behind them.


The impact of their landing was explosive.

The people in the General’s Residence could feel the vibrations on the floorboards, vibrating their eardrums.

Their thunderous landing was closely followed by a blast of air which literally blew off some of the samurais in the building.

Everyone could already feel the immense power of their enemies before they even showed themselves.

Sensing their impending doom, some of the samurais yelled, “Retreat! Retreat!”

However, there was no time to react. Before they could even begin evacuating the building, the two human meteors finally made their touchdowns.



Levi and the North Sky Lord landed one after the other.

It almost sounded like the consecutive explosions of two missiles.

Boom! Bang!

It almost seemed like the heavens were crashing down upon the earth.




Everything in sight seemed to be crumbling into dust.

Clink! Clank!

Long, branching cracks appeared on the floorboards, with the tiles shattering into pieces.

And as the finale to all of that destruction, Levi and the North Sky Lord created two gigantic craters within as they came into contact with the ground.

Now, it really seemed as if two missiles had landed from the skies.

Six hundred years – A residence with a whopping six hundred years of history, demolished in a matter of minutes.




The aftershock of the impact of their falls was also fatal.

At the same time, the huge army of samurais who had gathered in the building were blasted off, along with the wreckage.

Pandemonium ensued soon after.

Following that, desperate cries filled the air, and corpses were seen everywhere.

The amount of bloodshed caused was unfathomable.

The bloody aftermath was a testament to the impact brought about by what seemed to be human meteors.

Those who remained standing stared fixedly at the site of the landings, now enveloped by a cloud of thick smoke.

They were desperate to know if the two people that they saw had survived the fall.

As minutes passed by, the fog gradually cleared, revealing two men standing tall on the ground.

One was busy patting off the dust on his body, his complexion unnaturally red.

Evidently, the free fall had taken a toll on him physically.

That man was the North Sky Lord.

Though he was uninjured, he looked rather displeased about the state that he was in.

“Damn it!” He swore.

On the other hand, the onlookers were absolutely terrified by his reaction.

Even Yamamoto Yuta felt as if he was on the verge of fainting.

Damn it? That’s it? Is that all that he has got to say after falling down from such a height without a freaking parachute?

No injuries?

This can’t be possible!

“Oh my goodness!” Someone from the crowd shrieked in terror.

When the crowd turned to look at the other man who had landed, they could not believe what they saw.

There he was, Levi Garrison, with his arms still crossed behind him, standing there looking all calm and composed.

There was not even a single speck of dust on him.

It was as if he had just arrived at the scene from a walk in a park.

How is that possible?

Is he even human?

Is that even humanly possible?

Even an ultimate class warrior wouldn’t be able to survive a fall like that!

While the onlookers were still stricken by terror and awe, Levi and the North Sky Lord made their way toward them.

Unable to recover from the shock, Yuta and Ichiro simply stared fixedly at the two coming closer.

It took a whole solid minute for people to return to their senses.

However, they were immediately struck by another horrifying reality.

The man who had fallen like a human meteor was someone they were all too familiar with.

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