The Return of God of War Chapter 1249

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1249

“Yes! Master, I’ll prepare your parachute right this moment!” Levi’s subordinate replied, scrambling to fasten a parachute on his body.

They assumed that Levi wanted to dive down from the plane to take his targets by surprise.

“No need for parachutes. I’ll be jumping straight down!”

To their surprise, Levi declined the proposal and shook them off.

“What… what did he just say?” Everyone on the aircraft was taken aback.

Jumping straight down?

Though their aircraft was gliding at a slightly lower altitude, they were at least a thousand and five hundred meters from ground level.

Jumping off from our current height?

He must be joking!

With our aircraft at such a speed and this high from the ground, anyone who jumps would be committing suicide!

Just the sheer force of the impact was enough to crush the bones of any martial artist.

Though there was no doubt that Levi was one of the strongest warriors to live, he was still no superhero.

He was a human made of blood and flesh.

Thus, no matter how robust his body was as a martial artist, there was no way that he would survive.

At the thought of that, everyone could not help but hesitate in their actions.

“Master, I think it’ll be much safer to wear this parachute!” One of his subordinates said anxiously.

Levi stayed silent, his face dispassionate.

“Didn’t you hear him? Open the gates! Now!” The North Sky Lord repeated Levi’s command, sounding annoyed.

“Yes, yes!” The people on the aircraft hurried back to their positions and sprang into action.

No one dared disobey their master’s orders.


All of a sudden, the unnerving howling of air currents surging into their aircraft reverberated in their ears.

“I’m going off now!”

Crossing his hands behind him, Levi made his way toward the door of the aircraft and jumped down without a second thought.

The North Sky Lord promptly followed behind and plunged down.

Watching the two dive down from their aircraft without even blinking, the members of The Calamity within the aircraft found themselves at a loss for words.



Absolute maniacs!

They shuddered a little.

Undoubtedly, Levi and the North Sky Lord were tenacious warriors.

However, jumping from an aircraft a thousand and five hundred meters high in the sky without a parachute was a completely different matter altogether.

Are they even human?

How frightening!

Meanwhile, at the General’s Residence.

Thousands of samurais awaited the arrival of The Calamity.

Yuta and Ichiro meditated with their eyes closed while their hands gripped tightly onto their longswords.

“Hey! Look up! There is an aircraft hovering above this building!” Someone suddenly yelled.

“Yes, I see it too! The aircraft is at a dangerously low altitude! Are they coming after us?” Another added.

Outside, the people on the streets were all pointing and talking about the foreign aircraft intruding their skies.

The people on ground level could see the jet black aircraft rather clearly.

After all, an altitude of a thousand and five hundred meters would be relatively low for an aircraft.


Yuta and Ichiro opened their eyes, looking up toward the skies above.

Indeed, an aircraft was seen gliding overhead.

Gliding suspiciously low!

“Has The Calamity really decided to attack from the air?” Ichiro uttered, his eyes widening.

“What the hell?” Yuta swore under his breath upon seeing the outlines of what looked like two people jumping off the aircraft.

“Someone is jumping down!” Ichiro howled.


The samurais on stand-by pulled out their swords in unison.

The air within the General’s Residence quickly became thick with tension.

Everyone expected the two in the air to open their parachutes before landing somewhere nearby.

In their heads, they even rehearsed how they would charge toward the two as they landed, slaughtering them instantly.

Their silhouettes became bigger and clearer as the two men fell from the sky, like meteors striking earth.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The deafening howling of air currents echoed within the building.

To their horror, the speed of those human meteors seemed to have exceeded that of the sound of the air currents.

“They’re not using parachutes!” Yuta yelled.

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