The Return of God of War Chapter 1245

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1245

Little did he know, Levi Garrison was the very person who knocked the wind out of his Master, along with his team.

New fighting techniques?

His beloved Master didn’t even had the chance to use them!

What a joke!

After getting rid of Sampson Finch, Levi shifted his focus to the foreign assassins whom Sampson had teamed up with.

He chose to delegate the West Sky Lord to investigate the people in question.

“So, the operation was led by the military strategist of Raysonia – Watanabe Tenichi?” Levi said, looking at a name list.

“Yes! He was also the one behind the comeback of the Blood King Palace!” West Sky Lord replied.

Pursing his lips, Levi said in amusement, “Oh wow. How remarkable! How very remarkable indeed. The comeback of the Blood King Palace whom I had already fought and defeated!”

He could still vividly remember exterminating the leaders of the Blood King Palace when he first dealt with them.

And yet, they rose back from the dead somehow. When they met again, members of the Blood King Palace were standing well and alive before him.

He found that rather hard to believe and had been getting West Sky Lord to investigate the situation.

For now, he was positive that Watanabe Tenichi was the mastermind behind it all.

“Now that I have this name list in hand, I shall be paying a rather special visit to everyone on there!” Levi laughed, his gaze turning cold.

“Listen up!” He yelled at The Calamity.

“Yes, sir!” They answered while kneeling before Levi.

“Let the hunt begin!” Levi gave his command, flinging the name list onto the ground.

“Fight for justice! Protect our lands! Exterminate all traitors, and bring death to our enemies!”

And with that, The Calamity sprang into action.

That was the day that marked the start of Levi’s agenda, by hunting down every last person who had been involved in the scheme to kill him.

The nights were stained with bloodshed, and there was nowhere to hide.

Of course, the string of murders quickly took over the daily headlines.

Callan Sky, the Great Martial Master of Wheldrake, disappeared…

The master of the largest island of Atlantis, Tennojima, found dead…

Death of the boss of Daelee Group in Keerea…

The ruler of the greatest organization of the underworld in Alizeh, deceased…

Soon enough, chaos ensued in various countries.

In the short span of a few days, murders of that sort occurred one after the other, country by country.

It was as if manslaughter was happening every other minute!

In no time, these events quickly caused the public to be consumed by panic and fear.

After all, those being assassinated were not just your average citizen but prominent figures of high status!

Everyone was desperate to know who did it.

Based on the leads obtained from the crime scenes, it was clear that The Calamity was behind the killings.

Who else would have the power to do that?

It would take an incredibly strong group of fighters to tackle those powerful figures, with some being formidable fighters themselves.

At that point, it was pretty much a common consensus that The Calamity was onto some sort of assassination operation.

“Who in the world are they? How did they kill so many of our partners?” Tenichi was rather appalled.

“They are not coming after me… are they?” He mumbled to himself.

Even so, Tenichi was well aware that something dark was looming in the corner as those deaths made their intentions too obvious.

Everyone who got killed had one thing in common – they were all involved in the operation to kill off Levi Garrison.

And so, there was only one answer. Levi Garrison was coming after him.

“Sir, that might not be the case! Those people who died have had conflicts with The Calamity in the past anyways, and it was way before that operation!” One of his subordinates said.

“Yes, yes. And there’s no way that Levi Garrison is still alive!” Another quickly added.

However, Tenichi shook his head. “No, I’d rather be safe than sorry. I need to start preparing immediately!” He said, with some anxiety in his voice.

“Though Levi Garrison is dead for sure, The Calamity might still come after me.”

Tenichi was a cautious and calculative man.

On the other hand, The Calamity only had three more names left on their list – Watanabe Tenichi, Yamamoto Yuta, and Mitsui Ichiro of Raysonia.

“Let us march forward! To Raysonia!”

From a high vantage point, Levi viewed the island country expressionlessly.

Raysonia, I’m coming for you…

“It’s been five years since we came to Raysonia. Five years of peace we’ve spared them, but this time, three shall lose their lives!”

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