The Return of God of War Chapter 1243

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1243

Sampson replied with a smile, “I always teach my disciples one principle, which is the weak do not deserve to live.”

“They were simply too weak. If they were a little stronger, they would still be alive. In the end, their death was caused by their weakness. They can’t blame anyone else.”

Levi was speechless as Sampson’s words shocked him.

Did the weak offend you?

Do they not have the right to live?

We live in a time where everyone is equal!

The age where men are separated into different classes is over!

If the Great Family of Frostford insists on following such a ridiculous principle, I will pummel you till you face reality and admit to your mistake.

Sampson sneered at Levi, “Ultimately, this matter has nothing to do with me. It’s all because you are weak.”

“So what if I got my disciples to cheat or even poison you? What can you do about it? If I kill you this time, who would know the truth?”

Sampson laughed again.

Within a great family, only the fittest survive. Therefore, everyone was capable of doing anything just for survival.

It was the same reason why such old powers had disconnected themselves from modern society.

The other reason was that they couldn’t be restrained as they were simply too strong.

With so many Ultimate class warriors among them, no one could control them if they were infuriated.

“Is Erudia not important to you?” Levi felt his heart ached at Sampson’s words.

The three hundred over comrades had died in vain.

Sampson is not the least bit remorseful.

Sampson scoffed, “I only care about myself and nothing else. The world belongs to the strong so stop giving me those b*llshit!”

Levi spat, “You went through so much trouble to plot against me just for your own selfish gains? You’ve really done it now!”

“Comrades, are you watching now? Today, I, Levi Garrison, will avenge you by killing this b**tard!” Levi bellowed into the sky.

“Hahaha…” Sampson laughed deviously.

“Let me repeat myself. As long as you hand over your recovery technique to me, I will spare your life,” Sampson warned Levi again.

“Die, you assh*le!”

Levi gritted his teeth and sprang forward.


He threw an explosive punch.

Sampson raised his right hand and blocked the punch. Demonstrating the power of one who has been an Ultimate class warrior for twenty years.


However, at the moment of impact, fault lines emerged on the ground beneath his feet and stretched for a few thousand meters.

“This is for Jonah Garrison!”

That punch caused Sampson’s expression to drastically change.

What a powerful punch!

Before he could react, the second punch was almost upon him…


Levi threw his second punch.

Sampson sank into the ground further. By now, his ankles were below ground level.

‘This is for Hades!”


The third punch came.

Sampson continued to be hammered into the ground with his calves now buried.

“This is for the comrades of South Hampton!”


The fourth blow came.

Sampson was buried deeper into the ground with his knees now covered.

“This is for the brother-in-arms of Oakland City!”


The fifth blow landed.

Sampson sank further into the ground.

“This is for the Anonymous Eighty of the West!”


Levi threw his sixth punch.

Half of Sampson’s body was below ground now.

“This for the Four Kings!”


“This is for the comrades of the north!”


“This is for the residents of Northgale who were massacred!”

Levi wailed into the sky above, his ferocity so strong that it could almost swallow the earth.

He unleashed ten blows consecutively until Sampson disappeared.

The latter was pounded into the ground to the extent that his head couldn’t be seen.

With his whole body underground, Sampson became one with the Earth.

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