The Return of God of War Chapter 1242

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1242

Olivia’s eyes almost popped out.

Why are they not moving?

Why are the four Ultimate class warriors lying still?

Levi didn’t make a move at all, but all four of them were sent flying…

How powerful did Levi become?

Isn’t he supposed to be dead? Or crippled?

How did he end up getting stronger?

Sampson too was utterly shocked.

He was well aware of how strong his four best disciples were and was stunned when Levi sent them flying.

Th-th-this… Is not real!

“Not only have you recovered from your injuries, but you have also regained your strength?”

Sampson’s expression changed drastically.

How is that possible?

Levi was poisoned by the Blood King Palace and was crippled by them.

It’s already amazing that he survived, but to regain his strength?

This is something even the Great Family of Frostford can’t achieve and is unheard of throughout its three-thousand-year history!

How can one man from modern society accomplish it?

Most of the ancient medical knowledge and techniques are monopolized by the great families.

Therefore, very little of that knowledge flowed into modern society.

So how did Levi achieve it?

Sampson was curious.

If he managed to get his hands on this technique, he would be highly valued in the Great Family of Frostford.

Once this technique was made public, it would shock the whole world.

That was how impressive it was.

After all, Levi’s technique simply defied nature.

The idea that a cripple could be turned into the God of War was something unimaginable.

“Levi, tell me how you recovered and I will let you live.”

Sampson began to take interest in Levi’s amazing technique.

He knew that the moment other powerful men or organizations found out about it, they too would scramble for it.

Levi would be hunted for having such valuable knowledge.

The reason Sampson dared to say those words was because he had full confidence in his strength, despite the fact that Levi had beaten four Ultimate class warriors.

For his part, Levi only had a singular thought in mind when facing Sampson – revenge.

“Did you work with others to revive the Blood King Palace so that you can force me to leave?” Levi asked.

“Yes, I did. But it was a pity that Winsor was sent to protect your wife and child. It was such a pity indeed!”

Sampson’s face was filled with remorse.

“Did you plot with the Blood King Palace to poison me?”

“That’s right!”

“Did you send men to disrupt my battle with Winsor from the shadows?”


“Did you send men to assassinate me?”

“Of course!”

“Did you frame me and had me exiled for betraying Erudia?”

“Indeed, I did!”

“Did you plot with outsiders to kill three hundred and fifty-eight of my good men?”

By then, Levi’s eyes were red and his voice sounded raspy.

The gruesome scenes of Northgale flashed before him.

The Anonymous Eighty of the West…

The few prominent families of Oakland City…

Jonah Garrison, who fought till his last breath despite his age.

The Four Kings, who clung to the thighs of the Harbinger of Death even in death.

And Hades, who was resolute in not letting go despite being beaten to a pulp.

One by one, all the faces both familiar and unfamiliar flashed through his mind.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Avenge them for they cannot die in vain!

Their blood shall not flow for nothing!

Sampson looked at Levi and sneered, “That’s right. I was the one who planned everything. They’re just insects, so their death means nothing to me. It’s just a pity I didn’t manage to kill you.”

Sampson didn’t care for human lives at all, even if they were his comrades.

“Levi, I realized that there are tons of people who hate you and want you dead. Hahaha, I could easily gather them with a snap of my fingers.”

Sampson burst out in a cruel laughter.

“Damn you, Sampson! Does Erudia even have a place in your heart? Many of them were your comrades. How could you be so cruel to kill them?”

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