The Return of God of War Chapter 1240

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1240

Sampson stared at Levi and scoffed, “Levi, I never expected to see this side of you. Are you trying to find excuses for your own defeat?”

Levi simply smiled in response.

You’re really shameless to still deny it.

Sampson continued, “Do you still want to claim that your body has been poisoned? And that you had to fight the warriors from both the Blood King Palace and Garrison clan consecutively? And that my disciple won because we cheated?” Sampson threw all the questions back at Levi.

He tried to turn the situation around by making it look like Levi was making excuses for losing.

Levi replied with a smile, “That’s correct. What you have said is true. By the way, there’s one more thing I need to tell you. I actually lost to Winsor on purpose because I wanted to see who the real mastermind was.”

“Hahaha…” Sampson burst into laughter.

“You lost to my disciple on purpose? That’s just ridiculous. Losers really are good at finding excuses. You will never beat my disciple in your entire life!” Sampson sneered.

Although that was what he said, he was actually aware of the fact that Levi was more powerful than Winsor. Or else, they wouldn’t have needed to cheat.

However, when Levi claimed that he had lost on purpose, it was the ultimate insult to Sampson.

He had made massive sacrifices to scheme and plot.

But in the end, Levi claimed that it was his choice to lose.

Sampson just couldn’t accept it.

“That aside, there’s no such thing as real fairness in this world. Especially not when you’re the best warrior in Erudia. You should have been prepared for all eventualities. A loss is a loss and you have no excuse,” Sampson berated.

With Sampson twisting the facts, even Olivia was convinced that Levi was just making excuses for his loss.

“Are all noble families just as shameless as you are?” Levi asked.

Despite the repeated proclamations of how virtuous they are and the noble blood that flowed within them, their actions were utterly despicable.

“Insolence! How dare you insult Master!”

“Do you want to die?”

The Four Warriors behind Sampson cursed as they glared at Levi in a bloodthirsty manner.

They were proud of their identity and the fact that their master was someone extremely well respected and feared.

Hence, they would not tolerate any insults from ordinary men.

“Do you know who we are? We are the Great Family of Frostford and are more powerful than ancient families.”

“My junior, Winsor, is only considered above average within the Great Family of Frostford. That alone should tell you how terrifying we are.”

The few of them made their identities clear.

Although the Great Family of Frostford was really powerful, Levi could still crush someone like Winsor with just a finger.

Hence, he saw them as a joke instead of a threat.

“The Great Family of Frostford? If you anger me, I’ll crush all of you,” Levi glowered.

Even Olivia couldn’t stand it anymore.

Isn’t Levi getting too reckless to ignore the Great Family of Frostford?

Does he know how many God class warriors they have?

It’s easily a hundred, or a few hundred!

Not to mention that doesn’t include the Ultimate class fighters yet.

The Harbinger of Death who was an Ultimate class warrior killed all of Levi’s bodyguards.

And the Great Family of Frostford has at least tens of them.

It is something that is just unimaginable.

If they were to go to battle, they will annihilate their enemies.

So on what basis is Levi ridiculing them?

“Levi, you’re just spouting nonsense. I don’t care how you healed your body, but that can’t be the reason for you to insult the Great Family of Frostford,” Sampson roared.

Levi smiled smugly at him. “I suppose you’re Winsor’s master?”

“Of course!”

“Then you must be stronger than him?”

“That goes without saying.”

“Fine. Since you claim that I’m not Winsor’s match, I’ll beat his master to show you then.”

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