The Return of God of War Chapter 1238

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1238

Olivia heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Mr. Finch, what happened the first time? Why did all the assassins disappear?”

Truth be told, Sampson had paid no attention to the matter all this while.

As such, when Olivia suddenly brought it up, he didn’t know how to answer.

“Perhaps Zoey has some formidable bodyguards protecting her? Nonetheless, the assassin organization we sent this time was one that had remained hidden for decades.”

Sampson was filled with confidence.

After all, the assassin organization that accepted the mission this time was very secretive and was deadly in its methods.

Olivia asked curiously, “Given that you come from the Great Family of Frostford, why are you so fixated on an ordinary person like Levi?”

Based on Olivia’s understanding, a great family was greater than that of an ancient family.

Erudia had Four Great Families. They were the Great Family of Frostford, Great Family of Southford, Great Family of Eastford, and Great Family of Westford.

Sampson came from the Great Family of Frostford.

A great family combined a group of ancient families and clans into a larger faction.

They control many of Erudia’s ancient artifacts and technologies.

The simplest ones were martial art techniques and medical knowledge.

They were even feared by ancient families such as the Garrison clan, let alone ordinary folk.

Therefore, even righteous men like Dale Lehman were forced to abandon Zoey.

No one dared to stand against a great family.

Sampson replied with a smile, “It’s because Levi broke all the rules.”

“Mr. Finch, is the current God of War, Winsor, related to you?”

Olivia was a smart woman. She remembered when Sampson asked her about Winsor previously.

Sampson admitted, “Yes, he is my disciple.”

“However, he isn’t the most exceptional young man within the Great Family of Frostford. He’s just considered above average,” Sampson added.


Olivia caught her breath.

How powerful are they?

Winsor is considered above average and he is already able to take the position of God of War?

Isn’t this reclusive faction just ridiculously powerful?

Without a doubt, the strongest and most powerful are always well hidden.

Or perhaps they’re just so far away from us that we can’t reach them.

Olivia had always assumed that Damien was the most exceptional young man in the world.

But now, it seems it was her knowledge that was limited.

For ancient and imperial families, their status was measured in terms of power, influence, and wealth.

Martial prowess had always been frowned upon and hardly shown any attention.

However, to the most powerful or those that live beyond the circles of ordinary men, the real measurement of a man’s strength is their martial prowess.

It was a world where the fittest survive.

As long as one was strong in martial arts, one’s status, wealth, and power were secured.

In other words, when one was proficient enough in martial arts, matters of the mundane world no longer mattered.

Using Winsor as an example, he knew nothing about wealth or managing a business.

He also didn’t have connections to help him.

All he could rely on was his own fists to claim the title of Asura.

That was the definition of the martial way.

Everyone will submit in the face of absolute power.

Therefore, within a great family, it was common for everyone to focus on martial arts training. Ever since they were young, they would be trained in the martial way to become formidable warriors.

That was the reason why a great family would always be packed with God class and Ultimate class warriors.

Although they lived within their own circle, they were not afraid of being out of touch with the outside world.

As long as they had overwhelming power, they would be kings whenever they appeared in society.

Winsor’s appearance proved that point.

“Ordinary people like you are just ants to us,” Sampson sneered.

Even though he was ridiculing her, Olivia didn’t dare to retort.


Just then, the manor’s main door was busted open by a kick.

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