The Return of God of War Chapter 1237

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1237

However, it was ironic that Winsor thought he had beaten Levi fair and square.

He was oblivious to the fact that everything was arranged by his master and the fact that Levi decided to lose on purpose in the end.

In reality, Winsor’s own capabilities only made up one-third of the factors for his victory over Levi.

“Master, why are you here?” Winsor was curious.

The great families owned many ancient artifacts and technologies such as martial art techniques, medical knowledge, etc.

There was nothing in the mundane world that was interesting enough for them.

Therefore, Winsor couldn’t fathom why his master left their home.

Ever since he left home at fifteen, he never saw his master again.

Unbeknownst to him, however, his master had actually left their home in the beginning and was busy scheming against Levi.

“I am here to visit you. I can see that you’re doing well for yourself since you are now the one and only God of War of Erudia.”

Sampson patted Winsor on his shoulder.

Winsor sighed, “Unfortunately, it could never erase the fact that the first one was Levi.”

“No, he is already dead. You are the only one now!”

“Master, I have something to get off my chest. Despite beating Levi, many people still do not respect me. In fact, they still have faith in Levi.”

Winsor voiced out his concerns.

Many claimed that he had the advantage because Levi was already exhausted from battling consecutively.

Every time he heard a comment like that, it made his blood boil.

Sampson snorted, “Hmph! They’re just a bunch of ignorant scum. We live in a world where the fittest survive. The winner takes all while the loser doesn’t deserve to complain.”

“If they are unconvinced, you will have to demonstrate it with your power.”

Sampson’s whole body emanated a cold killing intent.

Winsor lamented, “If only Levi was still alive. I can battle him once more and shut everyone else up once and for all.”

“That’s no longer possible. He is already six feet under.”

Sampson had reconfirmed with Tenichi about Levi’s death.

“It’s such a pity or else I could defeat him once again.”

Winsor was extremely confident in his skills and cared a lot about how others saw him.

After visiting Winsor, Sampson wanted to check on whether Forlevia had been killed.

Meanwhile, Levi and his men were monitoring the assassin organizations. At that moment, West Sky Lord arrived with news.

She had masqueraded as an assassin to accept the assassination order and discovered who issued it.

It was Olivia Garcia!

Due to the pain she suffered for losing her son, Olivia wanted Levi and his whole family dead.

Mr. Finch realized the opportunity and seized it.

Despite the fact that he was the real mastermind, he was very careful in his methods. He made sure that everything he did was done by someone else’s hands.

Levi was also aware that Olivia was just the front and there was someone else instructing her.

Therefore, he wanted to ferret out the mastermind by going through Olivia.

After fending off a few waves of assassins that came for Forlevia, Levi and North Sky Lord returned to Oakland City.

However, Olivia wasn’t at the Garrison clan ancestral compound. Instead, she was in a luxury manor.

Inside the room, she was pacing around and was visibly troubled.

After all, the first assassination order had failed and all the assassin organizations involved had also disappeared.

Although the assassins she hired this time were even more terrifying, she still couldn’t rid herself of the sense of dread she felt.

“I must succeed this time. Damien, Mom will avenge you! Not only do I want Levi to be disposed of, but I also want his family to be massacred,” Olivia pleaded.

“Don’t worry, the assassins we sent this time are extremely deadly. Death awaits anyone who protects them.”

A voice rang out from behind her suddenly as Sampson entered the room.

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