The Return of God of War Chapter 1232

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1232

The voice thundered through the banquet hall and jolted everyone present.

“Who? Who is it?”

Everyone looked around to find the person that had just spoken.

“Who dares to call me despicable?” Jerry sneered.

Now that he had absolute power and authority, he stopped pretending to be chivalrous.

After all, his influence had further elevated after taking over Morris Group.

So what if others know my true colors? But who’s the one who dares call me despicable?

Does he have a death wish?

“It’s me!” A cold voice was heard.

At that moment, two figures emerged from the entrance.

One of them was unfamiliar to everyone as no one had seen him before.

As for the other…


“A ghost!”

“It’s a ghost!”

When the crowd saw the familiar face, they screamed in shock.

However, those that were sitting in front couldn’t see. They wondered what was going on when they saw everyone else running around aimlessly shrieking their heads off.

Jerry led the other guests to see what the commotion was about and was shocked by what he saw.

“L-Levi Garrison… How can it… Be you.”

“Why… Why are you still… Alive?”

Jerry staggered backwards and almost lost his balance.

Many in Oakland City had seen Levi before.

As such, they could feel panic started rising within them by the sight of him.

Isn’t Levi supposed to be dead?

Why is he still alive?

Not to mention his body has recovered?

How is this possible?

How can a dead person suddenly appear in Erudia?

After all, everyone knew that the news was true.

The Iron Brigade even organized a funeral for him on purpose where they cremated his body.

Furthermore, it was widely reported that Levi was dead.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to be alive.

Everyone was so frightened that their knees wobbled.

They had the urge to run but found that their legs wouldn’t budge as they stared at the supposedly dead man before them.

Levi approached Jerry step by step. “Who says I’m dead? Can’t you see I’m doing just fine?”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Levi slapped Jerry’s cheeks.


Jerry gulped and he fell on his knees, staring at Levi in horror.

Despite the burning sensation on his cheeks, he could still feel the warmth in Levi’s hands.

Levi is really alive!

“You… How can you still be alive?”

Despite his reluctance to believe, the reality of the situation was right before his eyes.

Jerry felt like having a heart attack.


“Levi is still alive?”

The whole banquet was in an uproar.

It was considered earth-shattering news not just in Erudia but also in the world.

“You… Why are you here?”

Jerry’s face was filled with horror.

“For doing something so despicable while I’m away, It’s only natural that I am here to kill you!”

Levi’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“Kill me? You can’t kill me. Levi, so what if you’re still alive? You are a traitor to Erudia and have been exiled for it. If Winsor finds out that you’re here, do you know what the consequences for you are?”

“Not only will you lose your life, but even your family will also be exiled from Erudia.”

Although Azure Dragon and the others had cleared Levi’s name, only those within military circles knew about it.

The common folks were still unaware of Levi’s innocence.

Therefore, Levi was still a traitor in their eyes and for that reason, Jerry wasn’t afraid.

“Levi, why don’t I give you a chance? As long as you leave Erudia quietly, I will pretend that I didn’t see you. In fact, I won’t even report this to Winsor.”

Jerry scrutinized Levi in a condescending manner and was confident that he had the upper hand.

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