The Return of God of War Chapter 1230

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1230

Jerry knew that both Zoey and Emma were eager to keep Evie safe. Hence, he leveraged that and put on a good show to convince them to go with his plan.

Besides, he was their last hope. Therefore, Zoey had no choice but to believe him.

She had her speculations that Jerry might be a liar, however, it was a risk she had to take.

Even if there was a slightest hope.

Yet, the reality was cruel.

Once Jerry had the Morris Group to himself, he immediately fired Iris and the other council members. The reason behind his actions was to gain complete control of the company in the shortest amount of time.

In the meantime, Zoey was left in a miserable state…

The Lehman family had publicly broken off their relationship with her, the business empire she built on her own was taken away from her, and her child was facing grave danger.

She felt hopeless.

The news of Jerry deceiving Zoey soon spread like wildfire.

Even so, the Lehman family could only watch as they were no longer related.

Everyone merely reprimanded Jerry regarding his actions but did nothing else.

As for Jerry, he was overjoyed that he had acquired Zoey’s business empire easily.

Consequently, the Gott family had become even more powerful than before.

Although it was not comparable to the standards of an ancient family, it was still on par with an imperial family.

“Hmph, did the Lehman family think that they could use me like that? How could they let me marry a woman who had a child? Are they trying to tarnish my reputation?”

“If it weren’t for Zoey’s empire and the Lehman family’s power, I would have never agreed to the marriage! Did she think that she’s that irresistible? Hah! How ridiculous!”

“Besides, how could you count on me to raise the child of a traitor? Is she even worth it? She’s just an illegitimate child that should have died along with her father instead of staying alive in this world!”

“Anyway, I’ve heard the news about the assassination organizations going after the child. So I guess we’ll receive the news very soon!”

Jerry made the following series of remarks as soon as he had gotten everything he desired.

Meanwhile, Zoey was appalled at the sight of Jerry on TV.

“What a shameless, despicable animal!”

The more Zoey thought about it, the more she became furious as she dug her nails into her palms.

She was in a difficult situation, yet he had scammed her at this moment and made such vicious remarks!

A gentleman! Hah! He’s even worse than a villain!

Just you wait! When Levi’s back, I will take back everything that I’ve lost! Mark my words!

“Things are going to get out of hand now, by the looks of it. I’m afraid our people can’t keep Evie safe,” Emma said with a hoarse voice.

Even though the Jones family had sent an ace like Shadow to protect them, everyone knew that it wasn’t enough…

Little Evie seemed to know what was going on as she scrunched up her face in silence.

Judging from her stubborn temper, it reminded Zoey of Levi.

“We can only hide in the basement for now and pray that they won’t find us!”

Zoey and Emma carried Evie as they hid in the basement with Sylas, who had prepared sufficient food and water.

They had successfully avoided the assassins once when Levi hid them in the basement of the manor.

Meanwhile, the assassination organizations who had received the assassination order had arrived at North Hampton.

A total of ten assassination organizations had begun their assassination operation simultaneously.

They bypassed Shadow and the other guards who were stationed outside and infiltrated the manor without much difficulty.

However, the assassins were dumbfounded when they found the manor was empty.

“Where are they? Where did they go?”

“They were in the manor the entire time and had never left. How could they disappear in thin air?”

The assassins searched everywhere, but there were no signs of Zoey and the others.

“No, we’ve been watching them all this time. It’s impossible that they’ve left!”

“The only possibility is that there is a secret room situated somewhere in this manor. Spread out and do a search!”

In the meantime, Zoey and the others were observing the situation through the surveillance cameras in the basement.

“Damn it, they’ve figured it out!” Zoey gasped in shock as she stared at the surveillance cameras.

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