The Return of God of War Chapter 1226

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1226

“How dare you act so rashly before me? Are you out of your mind?” Winsor crossed his hands behind his back and stared intensely at Azure Dragon and the others.

White Tiger returned his glance and said, “Winsor Campbell, we are here for only one thing. We want to rectify my boss’s name!”

“Indeed! Our boss didn’t betray Erudia!”

“Clear his name!” The crowd shouted in unison.

“These are pieces of evidence to prove his innocence!” Phoenix handed Winsor a copy of the audio and visual recordings.

It was a video recording of the battle against the Blood King Palace – a solid proof that Levi Garrison was innocent.

When they were at Oakland City, Levi had ordered Azure Dragon to wait for his further instructions. Hence, both Azure Dragon and White Tiger were patiently waiting for Levi’s command.

However, they received the shocking news of his death instead. Thus, they could no longer remain calm.

Earlier, when Levi was still alive, they could not do much for him. Unfortunately, he was gone before they could serve him wholeheartedly. Hence, the least they could do now was to help rectify his name.

Winsor’s expression dropped after he watched the video recording.

“It seems that Levi Garrison was framed! I didn’t realize this from the start!” Winsor responded.

He wondered to himself. How did a cripple man like Levi cause such a tremendous threat that even his enemies were frightened?

“I’m afraid you wouldn’t understand, Asura. In the eyes of the foreign enemies, my boss poses a greater danger than you! He is a huge threat as long if he has one single breath left.” White Tiger sneered.

Winsor’s expression dulled at his words.

Why is everyone comparing me against Levi even though I had defeated him? Why? Is it impossible for the strong to be approved? How could the people turn a blind eye to me?

I am indeed better than Levi, and it was proven with thousands of people as witnesses! Besides, Levi Garrison had admitted to his loss.

I don’t get it. Why does everyone still think he’s stronger than I am?

For some reason, he had defeated Levi, yet failed to win the hearts of the people.

Thus, he felt particularly uneasy about the time when he lured Levi into a trap and killed him. He wished Levi were alive instead. That way, he could have had a rematch to prove that his victory was not a coincidence and that he was indeed stronger.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible now.

There’s no chance now that he’s dead.

In the meantime, I have to destroy The Calamity to conquer people’s hearts.

“Asura, we hope you may restore the God of War’s identity and revoke all previous punishments!”

Suddenly, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and the others knelt to the ground.

Winsor was taken back by their actions.

He knew the group of unruly men very well, and they would not simply kneel for anyone or anything.

Based on his knowledge, they would only kneel for the heavens, the earth, and Erudia – no one else.

However, to his surprise, they knelt before him on this very day. Seeing that, it was evident that Levi was someone very close to their hearts.

Albeit being jealous of Levi, Winsor still did the right thing.

“Alright, I shall revoke all punishments against Levi and crown him as a martyr!” After a short while, Winsor announced.

“Thank you, Asura!” The Iron Brigade cried out.

Azure Dragon then stepped forward and said, “Asura, I plan to organize a funeral for my boss once his body’s transported back!”

“Alright, go head!” Winsor turned and left after that.

After two weeks of searching, Azure Dragon finally managed to transport “Levi’s body” back to Erudia.

He had also informed Zoey and Emma about his passing. However, he did not encourage them to come.

On a cold day in the North, a simple yet grand funeral was conducted.

The Iron Brigade escorted the “God of War” on his last journey on earth with the highest honor.

At the same time, several figures were looking down from a mountain top.

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