The Return of God of War Chapter 1225

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1225

Their last fight had proved to Winsor that Levi’s strength came from his subordinates, not Levi alone.

Levi had highly capable fighters like White Tiger by his side, and it made Winsor jealous.

Previously, Winsor had wanted to convince those fighters to join his ranks, but he knew that their loyalty to Levi was no laughing matter.

Although he hated it, there was nothing he could do to change it.

He even suggested merging the Iron Brigade and Levi’s other armies into the Asura Army, only to be rejected on the spot.

“It’s going to be pretty difficult to convince White Tiger and the others to join you, Master,” Zar said.

“Just like how we’ll refuse to join Levi’s army no matter what happens,” Bolgun added.

Winsor shook his head. “I don’t care. They’ll know just how powerful I am once they joined the Asura Army!”

Hearing that, Talon grinned. “Master’s right. Levi’s nothing compared to Master. He’s just the son of a great Erudian family!”

Just then, Zar and Bolgun chuckled, and Talon raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Hm?”

“Are you saying that our Master doesn’t have a powerful background? That’s not true! So what if Levi’s the son of a great family?” Zar scoffed.

“Huh? What could be scarier than an ancient family?” Talon asked, bewildered.

Since he hailed from the mountains, he knew very little about Erudia’s aristocracy.

“That’s right. The truly powerful ones stay hidden while the show-offs flaunt their wealth. The Garrison clan wouldn’t even dare to offend Master’s family!” Bolgun explained.

Talon nodded slowly with wide eyes.

It all made sense to him.

The more powerful something was, the further it would be from the layman’s reach.

Everyone was under the illusion that the Garrison clan was the most powerful family in Oakland city, but what they failed to realize was that there were plenty of organizations out there that could outperform the Garrison clan in every way possible.

To spot a billionaire among the common folk would be like spotting a rare species. However, the same billionaire would pale in comparison to the people Winsor came into contact with.

In fact, in their social circles, being a billionaire was nothing to brag about.

One would not know about the existence of a certain matter if it was way out of their league, but that was not an excuse to deny its existence.

Talon trembled as he thought about the other two disciples’ words.

Looks like Master’s the true nobleman!


Suddenly, the sound of an army closing in on their base camp shook the ground beneath them.

It was as though an earthquake had occurred, and everyone struggled to stay upright.

“What’s going on?” Winsor asked, his face paling. “Is it an earthquake?”

His three disciples rushed outside to take a look, and Winsor followed them closely.

The soldiers of the Asura Army stood at attention.

“Master! It’s not an earthquake!” Zar yelled. “We’re under attack!”

A few minutes later, the Five Great Wars Regiment, the Cavalry Regiment, the Specter Army, the Dragon Warriors as well as the Iron Brigade slowed to a halt before Winsor, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.

Winsor frowned and stared at the crowd before him. “What are you trying to do, Azure Dragon?”

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