The Return of God of War Chapter 1224

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1224

What no one knew was that the East Sky Lord of The Calamity had been the one fabricating the news of Levi’s untimely “death.”

The East Sky Lord had covered it up so thoroughly that even someone like Watanabe Tenichi overlooked it.

That night, the North and South Sky Lord silently began their operation.

The dozens of corporations that the South Sky Lord had acquired over the past, as well as the enormous business empire that he had built, emerged from the shadows. Under his management, organizations were pouring millions upon millions into The Calamity’s bank account.

As for the North Sky Lord, he singlehandedly destroyed a dozen underground forces and ruled over the entirety of The Dark World with an iron fist.

Not only that, countless families, conglomerates, and organizations have pledged their loyalty to The Calamity, giving them all the resources they needed to emerge from the shadows and begin their operations as the most powerful organization in the world.

In fact, they were several times stronger than the Blood King Palace at their peak.

The Calamity spent years building up their power behind the scenes, and the effort they put in was immeasurable.

The world was still reeling in shock from the news of Levi’s “death” when news of The Calamity’s sudden appearance materialized out of nowhere.

Everyone’s attention turned to The Calamity in an instant.

“It’s not a coincidence! They’ve been secretly building up their power since years ago!”

“This was all part of the plan all along!”

More and more people started to dig into The Calamity’s past after the news broke out.

Tenichi and his men were no exception.

“What do you think of The Calamity’s return, Mr. Watanabe?” someone asked.

Tenichi pondered over it for a moment before answering, “It must have been because of Levi’s death!”

“That’s right! If Levi had been alive, The Calamity would have stayed hidden! Levi had the power to hold anyone’s head underwater!” someone yelled, and everyone else nodded in agreement.

They were convinced that The Calamity had emerged because of Levi’s “death.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean that we can stop collecting intel about them. We must establish some kind of relationship with them, in the event that we fail to acquire them.” Tenichi said with a confident smirk.

Just you wait! You’ll be mine soon, just like that Blood King Palace!

Meanwhile, news of The Calamity’s resurgence spread to Erudia as well.

When Winsor heard of the news, his eyes widened in shock. “What? It’s scarier than the Blood King Palace?”

“That’s right. They’re much better than the Blood King Palace in terms of strength,” Bolgun said.

Winsor smirked. “Would I become even better of a hero than Levi Garrison if I got rid of The Calamity?”

“Of course!” Bolgun and the others chorused. “I’m sure more people would be willing to recognize your current status as the God of War once you cleared out The Calamity!”

Winsor scoffed. “While it’s true that Levi defeated the Blood King Palace twice in a row, he didn’t do it by himself, did he?” The answer was a sound “no.” It had been his subordinates who did all the dirty work.

Besides the Five Great Wars Regiment, there were also the Cavalry Regiment, the Specter Army, as well as the Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz Armies.

They deserved most of the credit, for Levi would not have been able to win the battles without them.

With that, the three disciples nodded. “Of course. He’s nothing but a failure!”

“He’s destined to suffer! He’s a useless piece of trash!” Winsor growled.

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