The Return of God of War Chapter 1223

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1223

“What is it? Just say it!” Tenichi ordered impatiently.

“It’s about Levi Garrison! His entire army fell in the battle against the Harbinger, and he’s dead as well!” the person reported. “We’ve suffered a great loss as well… the only person who survived was the Harbinger himself!”

“Where’s the Harbinger of Death now?” Tenichi asked.

“He’s… gone!”

“Looks like he’s just a feral beast that can’t be tamed!” Tenichi said, smirking. “Whatever. We’ll just capture him again when we need him.”

After a while, he gathered enough evidence to prove that Levi was dead, and so was his entire party.

“Hahaha! You’re finally dead, Levi Garrison! Don’t you know how much of an annoying gnat you were when you were alive?” Tenichi scoffed. “You there! Announce to the world that Levi Garrison is dead!”

“As for us… let’s have a three-day-long party!”

When news got out that the former God of War of Erudia had met his end in Northgale, it created a huge shock across the world.

The leaders of several powerful organizations welcomed the news with open arms.

Their oppressor was gone, and they were free to do whatever they desired. Gone were the days they lived in constant fear and anxiety.

Everyone else in Erudia was in a state of shock as well.

When rumors of his betrayal first appeared, some people began to berate and belittle him, while the others tried their best to protect his reputation.

“No! This can’t be true! The God of War wouldn’t die!”

“Can’t you tell that someone’s behind all this?”

As they prayed for his safe return, malicious comments began to surface as well.

“I’m so glad he’s dead!”

“That’s what a traitor deserves!”

“I can’t wait to celebrate his death!”

The rich families of South Hampton and Oakland City were delighted to hear of the news, for they could finally be freed from Levi’s suffocating iron grip.

In particular, the Garrison family cheered the moment they heard of the news.

As the laughter continued, Tyrone looked at his family members proudly and said, “I was right! He’s dead to me the moment he left Erudia! He’s no match for me!”

Olivia grinned. “Did you see that, Damien? Levi is dead! We’ve avenged you!”

Over at the Garcias, people were jumping up and down in excitement.

“Look how the tables have turned, Levi Garrison! You ripped my limbs off my body and lost your life because of it! Hahaha!” Conrad guffawed.

Meanwhile, at a base camp…

“Levi Garrison is dead!” Zar reported.

Winsor simply huffed and said, “Whatever. He’s just a failure.”

When Zoey and Emma heard of Levi’s “death,” they were shocked as well.

Zoey could feel a sheen of cold sweat forming on her forehead as Levi’s words rang in her head.

I mustn’t tell anyone about our conversation…

“Mom, it’s time we begin the act,” she told Emma.

“Yeah. I’m glad he told us about the plan earlier, or else I would have thrown myself off this building!” Emma said, heaving a sigh of relief.

Zoey grinned. “I’m sure he has his reasons for this. He’ll come back soon, and we’ll wait for him in Erudia!”

She had been feeling anxious for a long time, but when news of his “death” finally came around, she somehow found herself calmer than before.

Levi’s a careful guy… he definitely has his reasons for doing this!

“Everyone thinks my husband is dead, so we’re the only ones who know that he’s still alive. We must keep that a secret!” Zoey declared. “When he comes back, he’ll conquer the world and bring peace to everyone once more!”

At that, Zoey and Emma exchanged confident looks.

It feels great to have hope!

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