The Return of God of War Chapter 1219

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1219

“Kill him!”

Jonah and the others rushed forward and surrounded the Harbinger of Death.

“Hades! Carry the God of War to the designated location!” Jonah yelled.

Hades obeyed his instructions immediately.

Seeing all this, the Harbinger of Death merely grinned.

Anyone below the Ultimate class is nothing but a mere pest.

Hah! You won’t be able to stop me!





The Harbinger of Death crushed each person who came forward with nothing but his palms, and there was already a pile of bodies forming by his feet after just thirty seconds.

Levi watched in horror as more and more of his men fell to the ground before the Harbinger of Death.

“You’re not getting away today!” Jonah yelled, raising his longsword and bringing it down upon the Harbinger of Death’s head.


Before anyone could react, the Harbinger of Death had already grabbed his neck and snapped it into two.


The Harbinger of Death tossed Jonah’s body into the air and punched a hole through his torso.

Jonah was thrown onto the street about ten meters away from the Harbinger of Death, and he managed to mutter, “I must protect the God of…” before taking his final breath.


“Take this, you murderer!” The Three Musketeers and Osborn yelled as they rushed forwards to challenge the Harbinger of Death.

In the end…

Osborn was crushed under the Harbinger of Death’s foot.

The Three Musketeers were tossed into a pile on the ground, their blood cascading down onto the ground like a fountain.

Even as their souls left their bodies, they refused to let go of their longswords.



After a while, all that was left were the Dual-Serrated Monks, who were the strongest ones in the bunch.

In fact, they were the only ones strong enough to pose a challenge to the Harbinger of Death.



They brought their metal sticks upon the Harbinger of Death’s head over and over again, which managed to make him stagger backward for a few seconds.

“Die!” he yelled after a while, his eyes glinting dangerously.



He somehow managed to break the Monks’ sticks into several pieces with his bare hands.



He flung the Monks onto the street after punching a hole through their torsos.

With that, everyone who accompanied Levi on this mission had sacrificed themselves in the race towards safety.

All of them were brave heroes, no matter what their backgrounds were.

Those scheming aristocrats would never compare to them, for they had the courage to stand up for what was right.

“We’re going to be there soon!” Hades yelled as the town came into view.

They were only around a hundred meters away from the entrance of the town, and Hades broke into a sprint.

Levi, on the other hand, was horrified to see the Harbinger of Death catching up to them from behind.

After just a few seconds, he managed to narrow the gap to just ten meters.

Hades gritted his teeth. Just a few more meters…

“Aren’t you from L Nation? Why are you protecting your enemy?” the Harbinger of Death asked.

“You don’t understand! The God of War is my hero!” Hades yelled.

Without warning, he tossed Levi in the direction of the town’s entrance, and he landed squarely at the gates.

“You’re asking for it!” the Harbinger of Death yelled, barreling towards Levi at top speed.


However, before he could get close to Levi, Hades grabbed his waist and held on tight.





The Harbinger of Death landed several punches on Hades’ back, and blood gushed out of the latter’s eyes.

Even so, Hades had a large grin on his face.

“I’ve done it, everyone!” he yelled.

The Harbinger of Death continued to pound his fists onto Hades’ body, turning him into an unrecognizable heap of minced meat.

There was nothing Levi could do but watch in desperation.

“So what if you’ve arrived at the town?” the Harbinger of Death bellowed at Levi, shooting him a menacing glare.

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