The Return of God of War Chapter 1213

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1213

On the other side…

Levi and his group drove across the desert land at full speed.

They had to make it to the designated town as fast as possible.

The God of War would be safe once they sent him there.

The journey was unexpectedly smooth.

It seems like no one is coming after all. Jonah and the others thought to themselves.

Came to think of it, who would want to go after a man who was crippled and exiled?

He wouldn’t pose a threat in any way.

Even a five-year-old child could kill him with ease.

What’s the point of wasting a few countries’ resources just to get rid of him?

Everyone began to feel relieved.

At last, their objective would be fulfilled without much trouble.

Levi would be safe.

“God of War, we’ll be entering a small town soon. It’s barely thirty kilometers from your destined location! We should be safe once we make it past this town!”

Hades said.

“Alright… Tell everyone to be on guard. Something feels off to me.” Levi warned.

His right eyelid had been throbbing the whole time.

The town ahead seemed oddly quiet and lifeless. There weren’t any signs of a single civilian on the streets at all. In fact, the atmosphere felt sinister.

Much to his dismay, he couldn’t move an inch at this moment.

How he wished it were just a pretense.

Alas, it’s undeniable that he’s disabled for real.

He began to worry.

He didn’t wish for any of the men escorting him to be harmed.

Before he could worry longer, the group arrived at the town.

It wasn’t a large settlement. Only one main street could be seen, spanning an estimated length of three kilometers.


The car jolted into an abrupt halt as Hades braked suddenly.

They were greeted by a morbid sight as they neared the town center. A sickening stench filled the air as dead bodies were piled up across the main street. Fresh blood was splattered in every corner.

These were the bodies of the town’s residents! The old and young; Women and children.

None of them were spared.

“God of War… It seems like this whole town was massacred just a while ago!”

Hades drew a sharp breath.

“Son of a b*tch…” Levi cursed bitterly.

He was angered.

The last thing he had ever wanted would be to see innocent civilians killed like this.

Even if they weren’t the people of Erudia.

“Be careful! Let’s move these bodies aside quickly! We have to get past this town as fast as we can!”

Jonah ordered the group as he took the lead.

There was no time to waste. They had to make an opening out of the mountain of corpses obstructing their way.


Just then, a series of savage laughter and shrieks echoed from their surroundings.

One shadow followed after another as they emerged from every corner.

The figures approaching them were dressed in worn-out clothing and untamed hair. They looked like primitive cavemen.

The escort group frantically readied their weapons. They sensed an intense bloodthirst.

The enemies gave off an extremely powerful vibe. There were indeed a few God-class fighters among the berserk mob.

They fixed their bloodshot eyes at Levi’s fleet.

“We’re in deep trouble!” Someone exclaimed.

The group gasped in horror as they made sense of the situation.

With one clear look at the enemy, they could tell these people weren’t just a bunch of deranged barbarians. They were lunatics with frightening power.

“Take the head of the God of War!” A maniacal shriek pierced through the heavy air.

Exhilarated at their newfound freedom out of Northgale Prison, the convicts charged towards Levi at lightning speed.

“Brothers! We shall fight for the God of War until the very end!” Jonah roared. A series of battle cries echoed after him as the crowd prepared to engage the enemies.

“Erudia’s God of War will not fall like this!”

“For Erudia! For the God of War!”


In the blink of an eye, both parties clashed in a violent rampage.

“Darn it!”

Levi shouted with rage.

Everybody was fighting for his sake.

On the other hand, he couldn’t even move a limb!

He hated every second that had passed.

Panic filled him as he struggled in vain.

He didn’t want to see any of the men die before his eyes.

The man hated every bit of himself.

God knew how much had he wanted to get up.

He wanted to fight alongside everyone.

But what good was he now?

He had never felt so desperate throughout his entire life.

Meanwhile, at the top floor of a nearby building…

The Harbinger of Death stood alone, his keen eyes scanning through the battlefield.

His mouth was drenched in a grimy splatter of red. He observed the scene as wet blood dripped from a chunk of meat clutched in his hand. It was a piece of raw flesh; nobody would’ve known which animal–or who–was it from.

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