The Return of God of War Chapter 1212

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1212

“Let’s go! Follow me to the Northgale Prison!”

Tenichi commanded as he stood up.

At this moment, they were in Northgale. It was a region right across Erudia’s borders.

It was the exact place where Levi was heading to.

Deep beneath the ground stood a desolate and mysterious dungeon.

It was a place for the most heinous and murderous captives from Bayview and Northgale.

Every single prisoner locked up here had at least killed a thousand lives.

Tenichi was looking for the strongest of them all.

That person was known as the strongest captive of Northgale Prison, who had single-handedly massacred tens of thousands. No other prisoner had ever outstripped his records.

A truly demonic murderer.

Legend had it that he had originated from an extremely wild and violent tribe.

Secluded far away from the eyes of the world, the tribe was said to hunt all sorts of animals and eat them alive. There had also been reports about human intruders who were cannibalized.

Nobody knew his name. He had always been known as the “Harbinger of Death.”

Back then, it took dozens of nations including Raysonia, Keerea, and Northgale to devise a cross-border operation to capture him. Thousands of elite fighters were involved, yet they went through countless failures and revised strategies before he was finally taken down.

He was a terrifying villain whose fighting prowess was that of an Ultimate class.

It was rare to even come across a God-class warrior, let alone one who ranked Ultimate.

Soon, Tenichi and his men arrived at the prison.

The place was heavily guarded with tens of thousands of warriors stationed throughout the compound. Heavy weapons were installed everywhere. The entire prison seemed like an arsenal of firearms on its own.

They descended lower and lower into the depths as they headed towards the cell where the Harbinger of Death was held.

A pair of gigantic metal doors stood before them. It was specially customized with a thickness of almost two meters and weighed over a hundred tons.

This was the deepest part of the dungeon, completely devoid of sunlight and warmth from above. The atmosphere was filled with an eerie air. The temperature had dropped significantly as well. Many of Tenichi’s men shuddered.

They did not even dare take a step closer.

At the thought of seeing the Harbinger of Death right behind the doors, all of them eventually stopped in their tracks.

Tenichi shot them a scornful glare. “Useless pieces of trash!” He rebuked.

He proceeded towards the cell alone and unlocked the doors. With a forceful thrust, the doors gradually swung open with a ghastly creak, followed by a heavy grunt.

Grrrrrr… Thud!

A sinister and deadly aura gushed out and engulfed the whole room.

Within the narrow cell, several metal chains were securely fastened onto a single man.

Or rather…

A beast. The aura exuding from the person was far from that of a human.

The prisoner lifted his head slowly. Beneath a messy shroud of long hair, his eyes emitted an icy, merciless flash.

For a brief second, Tenichi felt as if somebody had gripped his neck.

“What do you want from me?” The prisoner sneered.

His voice was extremely hoarse.

It sounded like the deep growl of a vicious beast.

“I’m here to give you a chance to freedom.” Tenichi answered as he regained his composure.


The Harbinger of Death glared at him suspiciously.

He had been held in this cold, dark place for four years.

An offer of freedom at a time like this?

“I’ll set you free on one condition – kill somebody for me.”

Tenichi returned his stare calmly.

The Harbinger of Death let out a raucous chuckle. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll bring you all another disaster?”

An Ultimate-class demon would never be controllable once he’s freed.

It would be an almost impossible feat to recapture him.

And of course, someone like him wouldn’t obey anyone’s instructions.

“Fret not. Firstly, I’ll have you drink a special poison before letting you out of here. Secondly, the person I want you to kill…” Tenichi paused and gave a teasing smirk.

“… Is none other than Erudia’s God of War, Levi Garrison!”

The Harbinger of Death’s eyes lit up at that name.

“Agreed!” He exclaimed immediately with a wide grin, revealing his horribly jagged and crooked teeth that were as sharp as a beast’s fangs.

Knowing well who the target was, there’s no need for him to hesitate.

Tenichi ordered his men to bring the poison and watched as the demon gulped it down.

The Harbinger of Death wasn’t the only one given the poison.

It had been distributed to every other prisoner, whom Tenichi had set free under the same condition.

“Go! Bring me the head of Erudia’s God of War! Hahahaha…”

Tenichi’s laughter echoed throughout the dungeon.

Hundreds of vicious killers rushed out of Northgale Prison in an instance as the Harbinger of Death led them.

Evil laughter and frenzied screams filled the air as the freed prisoners poured out of the gate.

Very soon, destruction would once again strike the world above them.

In order to annihilate Levi Garrison, Tenichi would go to any lengths.

His hatred towards Levi was beyond measure.

Even his men shivered at the sight of the crazy mob scrambling out towards the ground above. As much as they had obeyed Tenichi, they could never fathom such an act of cold-blooded tyranny by their leader.

It was sheer terror!

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