The Return of God of War Chapter 121-130

The Return of God of War Chapter 121
Aaron drew in a deep breath after the Lopez family had left—they were safe for now.

“Whew—honey, you sure are smart!”

Aaron didn’t forget to give Caitlyn a word of compliment.

“Hurry up and go look for my brother and Pamela! Or you’ll be the one to lose a finger!” Caitlyn said as she rolled her eyes at him.

The two immediately rushed to the Mariott Hotel.

“Is there something you want for you to see us at this hour?” Pamela asked.

“Bailey, Pamela, I’ll cut to the chase then! We want to borrow three hundred million from you! We’re in need of money for our business!”

“Don’t worry about us not paying you back. You guys should know about Zoey’s project. It’s a project worth more than a billion. Three hundred million will definitely not be a problem!”

Aaron and Caitlyn went straight to the question of money.

Pamela and Bailey exchanged glances.

“We need to discuss this first!”

After half an hour, the two agreed to lend them three hundred million— mainly because Zoey’s project was guaranteed to succeed.

“That’s great!” Aaron was exhilarated.

However, at this moment, Pamela’s phone rang.

It was Oswald.

Pamela answered the call. “Oswald, what’s the matter?”

“Aunt Pamela, I have something to tell you…”

Pamela gave Aaron and Caitlyn a puzzled look. Her expression took on a drastic change the more she listened to Oswald.

“Okay, I got it. I won’t lend it then!”

After hanging up the phone, Pamela snapped, “You people were lying? Do you really need money for your business? Aaron, you’ve lost three hundred million from gambling, didn’t you?!”

“Get lost, now!” Bailey’s fury sprang to life when he learned about the truth. “Come see us again only after you settled your debt!”

Then the couple kicked Aaron and Caitlyn out, leaving them stupefied.

Why did they change their mind after answering one phone call?

“What do we do now?”

Aaron sweated with anxiety.

On the other side, Zoey was trying to find a solution as well, but the most she could come up with was fifty million.

She was at her wits’ end, as they had already invested the rest of the money in the project.

Besides, the project would have to be suspended as well if she took that fifty million away.

It was to check on this matter that Levi had left early this morning.

However, the strange thing was that the other party clearly didn’t cheat. It was Aaron who lost the money after gambling with an expert.

It was clearly a deception, yet it was seamless.

There must be something fishy. I can definitely find out the truth if I call the cops, but Aaron will have to be imprisoned, and Zoey will be heartbroken if that happens.

Levi didn’t want that to see that. He could have easily paid up that three hundred million, but he wanted to find out the mastermind behind this scheme first.

Everyone had thought of every possible way, but they just couldn’t get the money together.

Dread gnawed at Aaron’s insides at the thought of having his fingers chopped off tomorrow.

“Honey, what should I do? Think of something! I don’t want to have my fingers chopped off!” Aaron shouted anxiously.

Caitlyn creased her brows. “I heard Zoey will contact major investors next to borrow money, but I’m afraid it’ll take a little longer. Probably a few days.”

“Few days? I don’t have a few days! My fingers will be chopped off in a few days, that’s for sure!”

Aaron got all sweaty.

“So find someone to replace you during these few days.”

There was a bright light in Aaron’s eyes. “You mean I should put Levi on the spot and have his fingers chopped off on my behalf?”

“Who else do you think if not Levi? You’ve thrown the blame on him, anyway!”

Caitlyn gave him an angry stare.

Aaron nodded in approval. “That’s right! He’s just a good-for-nothing. What’s the big deal with having his fingers chopped off? He has to rely on us to feed him, anyway! That’s going to be the biggest contribution he’s ever made for the family!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 122
Caitlyn sighed. “But the problem is Zoey. If she finds out, she definitely will not agree to this.”

“We’ll just hide from her then and tell her that the casino is giving us a few more days. We’ll trick Levi to come over and have him go in my stead,” Aaron said.

“Then we’ll have to call Dad and the others over to impose a little pressure on him. They’ve been looking for him all day, but to no avail,” Caitlyn said.

Aaron quickly made the arrangements.

After learning the news of the postponement for a few days, Zoey was much more relieved, but she didn’t stop looking for solutions.

When Harry heard that Levi had been found, he immediately rushed over.

Thereafter, Aaron gave Enzo a call, asking if he could let Levi take his place.

To his surprise, Enzo agreed at once.

After hanging up, Enzo called Oswald.

“Mr. Rogers, you were right. The Lopez family is using Levi as a substitute.”

“Okay. Let’s make it a slow and terrible ordeal for Levi. Send me the footage of his fingers chopped off tomorrow!”

Oswald’s cold and crazed voice sounded from over the phone.

Levi’s investigation was beginning to take shape when Aaron called.

“Levi, come quick! Things have changed! Come straight to the casino!”

Hanging up the phone, Levi made a beeline for the casino. He realized Harry and the others were there when he arrived.

Upon seeing him, they charged forward, pushing and shoving him.

“What the hell? Did you lose three hundred thousand in gambling? You’ve f**king ruined the Lopez family!”

“You’re going to destroy the Lopez family! I’m going to kill you!”

Utterly confused, Levi stared at the crowd incredulously.

Me, gambling?

It dawned on him that Aaron and Caitlyn had put the blame on him when he noticed their unnatural demeanor from afar.

Thus, it was inevitable that Harry and the others would vent their anger on him as they didn’t know the truth.

Aaron seized the chance to come forward, scolding, “Take responsibility for what you’ve done, Levi!”

“Yeah! Take care of it yourself!”

The mass put in their two pennyworth.

Aaron pulled Levi to a side and said sternly, “You will go to meet Mr. Enzo on my behalf later! Or I’ll get Zoey to divorce you if you refuse! I have your marriage certificate and household registration in my hands, so I mean what I say!”

“You’ll be our best son-in-law if you go in Aaron’s stead!” Caitlyn added. “We won’t cast you aside even if you’ve lost all your fingers. Zoey and we will support you for the rest of your life!”

“Yeah, hurry up and agree! It doesn’t matter if you lose a finger anyway,” Aaron said in a low voice.


What a disappointment!

Levi could only feel the indifference and coldness of humanity.

How could they do this to me when the chips are down?!

If it weren’t for Zoey, he wouldn’t have wanted to stay in this home.

However, Aaron and Caitlyn had no other choice.

“What are you people hesitating for? Send him out and let him take care of everything!” Harry urged.

At this moment, Enzo came with his men, surrounding Levi and the others.

“He’ll go!”

Before Levi could react, he was pushed out by Aaron and Caitlyn.

“Levi Garrison, right? Take him away!” said Enzo with a sneer.

With that, Levi was taken away by Enzo’s followers.

Aaron and Caitlyn heaved a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go now before we get dragged into this!”

Aaron and Caitlyn departed instantly, afraid that Enzo would go back on his words.

The Return of God of War Chapter 123
“I’m wondering if we can push everything on Levi,” said Aaron with a frown after leaving the underground casino.

Caitlyn’s expression changed slightly. “You mean to transfer the three hundred million debt to Levi and then get him to divorce Zoey and cut off all ties with him?”

“Yeah! That would be killing two birds with one stone; we don’t have to pay the money back and we can send away that odious brat.”

“Drop it, you. You’re the one who lost the money, and you signed the agreement. How are you going to do that?”

Aaron sighed, his heart sinking. “I need to think of a way.”

In the casino, Levi was brought into a small and dark room.

Enzo sat in front of him, surrounded by sturdy men.

“Your father-in-law has pushed you out to have your fingers chopped off on behalf of him, Levi Garrison,” said Enzo with a bloodthirsty smile. “Are you ready?”

Enzo picked up a sharp machete that glowed under the lights.

To the side were people holding cameras in their hands, ready to film.

It was an assignment from Oswald to film the process of Levi having his fingers chopped off.

“Hold it right there!” said Levi suddenly.

Enzo grinned, revealing his rows of gold teeth. “Why? Are you afraid? Haha…”

Levi said nothing and silently lit a cigarette.


The next second, everyone was choking and coughing violently.

“What on earth does that cigarette contain?” Enzo asked, inspecting the cigarette. “The smoke is so strong!”

“I think it’s a special cigarette from the war zone, Mr. Enzo,” said a thug uncertainly. “My childhood friend who’s a soldier gave me one before. The tobacco scent is really strong.”

Everyone’s expression changed at the mention of the special cigarette.

Enzo snorted. “Drop it, you guys. You think a crook who just came out of prison can smoke a cigarette like that?”

Levi took a puff of his cigarette and said calmly, “Tell me who instructed you to do this before I finish smoking this cigarette or you’ll be sorry for this.”

Enzo and his men burst into laughter.

Levi’s going to get his fingers chopped off. Why is he even threatening me?

Everyone looked at Levi as if he was a fool.

Who exactly is having it worse?

Enzo guffawed. “Is this kid crazy? Don’t worry. It won’t hurt. It’s just one cut!”

“There’s not much time left,” said Levi, looking at the cigarette that was about to burn out. “You’ll be really, really sorry for this if you choose to remain silent.”

Enzo and his men snickered. “Okay then, show us what you got. We’d like to see what you are going to do to us after smoking that cigarette.”

Everyone watched as Levi finished smoking the cigarette, threw it to the ground, and stomped it out.

He lifted his head and glanced at Enzo and his men. “You’ll soon regret this!”

“Regret, my foot! Not before I chop off your hand!”

Shook with fury, Enzo lifted the knife in his hand suddenly.


The door suddenly collapsed with a deafening crash, causing Enzo to stop in fright.

In the next second, sturdy men with different skin colors but uniformly dressed in suits rushed in from the outside.

With an average height of over six feet two, they stood there like mountains.

These people were none other than James and other mercenaries that Rick had hired.

They were currently hiding in the shadows, serving as Levi’s bodyguards.

It was through the signal Levi had left that they found this place.

“Attack!” James commanded, and with a loud howl, the mercenaries pounced on their prey like tigers dashing down a mountain.

The Return of God of War Chapter 124



Despite being at the top of their class, the thugs at the casino were not at the same level as the mercenaries who had been in and out of the battlefield all year round.

They were all knocked down in less than a minute, unable to deal with James and his mercenaries’ mortal blows.

While the thugs bathed in blood, their faces disfigured, Enzo was the last man standing.

“Beat him!” Levi ordered expressionlessly.

James grabbed Enzo’s face and punched him hard. After seven to eight consecutive blows, Enzo’s face sank in and was beyond recognition.

The shrill cries like those of a pig being slaughtered reverberated in the small and dark room.

They’d never expected Levi to have so many bodyguards with extremely high combat effectiveness following him.

“Well, what did I say?” Levi scoffed, looking condescendingly at the battered thugs.

“Now, spit it out!”

After being forced to take Aaron’s place, Levi figured out that instead of investigating, he might as well use violence to make these people speak.

“I can’t,” Enzo said in fear. “I’ll be as good as dead.”

“Beat him! Beat him until he speaks up!” Levi said coldly.

James and the others were militant and enjoyed crushing their enemies. At his command, they grew more violent, giving Enzo the most terrible beating.

Until everyone was beaten half dead, Enzo raised his arms to surrender. “I’ll speak! I’ll tell you everything!”

James yanked him toward Levi.

“I-It was Howard Corbyn of Levi Group! We were forced into this!” Enzo confessed, but not daring to mention Oswald’s name.

However, Levi knew at once that it was Oswald.

He glanced at the camera on the table and chuckled. “It was he who asked you to film the chopping of my fingers?”


Enzo nodded.

Levi gave James a look. He immediately understood as he pinned Enzo to the table and put his hand on it, slowly lifting the sharp knife.

Next to him, another mercenary took the camera.

“No! No!”

Sensing the situation, Enzo yelled at the top of his lungs.


Then he let out a terrible scream.

Thereafter, Levi asked Enzo to send out the video, which Howard showed to Oswald upon receiving it.

“Hahaha… Did you hear his scream? I can’t believe a human is capable of making that sound!”

Oswald had a good laugh.

“Howard, send this video anonymously to everyone in the Lopez family, including Zoey,” he instructed.

Very soon, everyone in the Lopez family received the video.

Seeing that the person in the video had his fingers chopped off brutally, Aaron felt a flash of terror, his expression turning for the worse.

“Damn! That was too scary! Thank God that wasn’t me!”

“They really mean it!” Caitlyn got the scare of her life, and so did Harry and the others.

Zoey, who was still on the hunt for a solution, almost threw her phone to the ground after looking at the footage that she had received suddenly.

“Dad’s fingers were chopped off? Was he trying to comfort me when he said that it was postponed for a few days?”

Zoey quickly made a call. “Dad, what happened to you? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Aaron said.

“Then who was it who had his fingers chopped off?” Zoey asked in confusion.

“I-It was Levi…” Aaron faltered.

“What? Levi? How could it be?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 125
“Why is it Levi?” Zoey sobbed after learning the truth.

Caitlyn snatched the phone over and said, “Sweetie, we had no choice! It was Levi who volunteered to take your Dad’s place!”

“How could you do that? You didn’t even tell me! Wait there, I’m coming home now!” Zoey cried.

Shortly after, Zoey arrived home.

“Sweetie, Levi told us not to tell you!”

“It doesn’t matter if he loses a few fingers anyway, but I can’t lose any,” Aaron said.

A sob caught in Zoey’s throat.

“Sweetie, you’ll have to return the money as soon as possible. That way we can buy Levi a few more days,” Caitlyn said.

“But that just means he’ll lose a finger with every passing day!” Zoey screamed. “How could you bear to do it?”

“It’s not like we have a choice. You can’t just watch your dad suffer, can you? He’s still young so he can take it!” Caitlyn comforted.

“Did you force him to go?” Zoey asked, staring at them.

“He did it of his own free will. We didn’t force him!” Aaron denied.

Caitlyn exchanged a look with Aaron and blurted out, “Sweetie, once we settle this debt, you should get a divorce with Levi!”

Zoey looked incredulous. “What? Divorce? Dad, Levi suffered in your stead! How could you just give him the brush after using him? Are we such heartless people?”

“Sweetie, Levi’s sacrifice won’t go unnoticed,” Aaron and Caitlyn said hastily.

“We’re not ungrateful people. We’ll compensate him with enough money once this is over!”


I’m so disappointed in them today…

“But you must divorce Levi! He has never been good enough for you in the first place, and now that his fingers are gone, he’s not worthy of you! I can never tolerate my daughter marrying a cripple with incomplete fingers!” said Aaron adamantly.

Zoey was bemused.

How can they be so cruel to Levi just to save themselves?

“Zoey, you can’t cry over spilt milk now. Just hurry up and pay off the debt if you want Levi to suffer a little less,” Caitlyn said.

Just then, Harry arrived.

“Our turning point is here!”

Harry couldn’t contain his excitement.

“What do you mean, Dad?” Aaron asked quizzically.

“Someone has just come to inform us that there is a person willing to help us pay back the money, but on one condition—Zoey must remarry!” Harry said.


Harry raised the three hundred million check in his hand. “They brought the check! Now the question is—Zoey, will you remarry or not?”

Zoey was momentarily lost, but she knew that three hundred million was too big an amount to get at this moment.

“What are you hesitating for? Go on, say yes!” Aaron urged. Right now, money was gold.

“Just say yes. If you agree now, Levi won’t have to suffer so much,” Caitlyn said, causing Zoey to shudder as the cruel image from the video flashed in her mind.

For Levi!

“Okay, I agree to remarry!” said Zoey.

The adults were instantly relieved.

Harry took out a keycard and handed it to Zoey. “If you agree, go look for him at Sheraton Hotel! We only have the right to use the check once you arrive at the hotel!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 126
“Who is this person, Grandpa?” Zoey asked.

“I don’t know. But we were informed that he’s someone who has pursued you before. As long as you marry him, he’ll pay the three hundred million for us and he promises that the Lopez family will be worry-free for life,” Harry said.

Aaron and Caitlyn looked at each other, their eyes brimming with joy at the blessing in disguise and at Zoey’s remarriage to a super-rich man.

“Go on then! Mr. Enzo has changed his mind and is only giving us one day. If you’re late, Levi will lose all his fingers!” Harry prodded.

Hearing that, Zoey accepted the keycard and dashed out.

Naturally, these were all Oswald’s arrangements.

It was he who gave them that three hundred million check. In his opinion, it was equivalent to not spending a single cent as the money would be returned to him after the Lopez family gave the check to Enzo.

Not only could he turn Levi into a cripple and hound him to death, but he could also get Zoey; it was simply the most profitable business.

With an apprehensive heart, Zoey finally arrived at the hotel.

She knew what it signified, but the primary purpose at present was to pay back the money quickly and relieve Levi of his sufferings.

And only by meeting the said person would he solve their problems.

Arriving at the designated presidential suite, Zoey took a deep breath before opening the door.

Standing in front of the French windows in the vast living room was a man whose back Zoey felt was familiar.

When he turned around, Zoey was stunned.

“Oswald, it’s you?” she asked in disbelief.

She had thought it would be someone else. After all, Oswald had never harassed her for the past six years. He would have made his move long ago if he wanted to have her.

“Are you wondering why I haven’t been looking for you for the past six years?” Oswald said, seeing through Zoey’s mind as he adjusted his gold-rimmed spectacles.

Zoey nodded.

“The truth is—I’ve been watching you all this time during these six years—our number one beauty of North Hampton. I wanted to see how long you two can last, but I didn’t expect you to hold on for six years,” Oswald sneered.

“You set up the whole thing about my dad losing money?” Zoey asked, remembering the matter suddenly.

“How could you say that? No one forced him to gamble.” Oswald shrugged.

“You… You’re a scoundrel!” said Zoey angrily.

“Just give up, Zoey! If I could destroy you people six years ago, I can do it again!” Oswald cackled with laughter.

Thunderstruck, Zoey gazed at Oswald incredulously. “You did that six years ago?”

Oswald sniggered. “How do you think the Garrison family could overthrow Levi six years ago?”

Zoey was as angry as hell upon learning that piece of information.

“I’m giving you two options, Zoey. One, strip naked and lie on the bed. Two, leave now, but it will be disastrous for Levi. His fingers and toes will be chopped off, but I can’t say if he’ll choose to jump off the cliff in the end!”

Oswald’s lips curved into a malicious smile at the thought that his goals of forcing Levi to death and having Zoey get into his bed were about to be achieved.

Zoey was utterly floored.

Oswald had planned everything beforehand, and she was left with no choice but to listen to him. Otherwise, Levi would be either crippled or dead.

The Return of God of War Chapter 127
Meanwhile, as soon as Zoey arrived at the hotel, Harry received a message: You can use the check now.

Aaron headed to the underground casino with Harry.

As soon as they arrived, they were brought up short by the sight of Levi coming down from the second floor, holding a stack of documents of title deeds and so on in his hands.

Most importantly, Levi’s fingers were all completely intact!

He was clean from head to toe, with not a single stain of blood to be seen.

They looked at Levi’s fingers.

Perfectly intact!

All ten fingers are still there!

How is it even possible?!

His fingers were clearly chopped off from the video!

As their mouths were still wide agape with incredulity, Levi had already come up to them.

“Where did you get this check?”

Levi took over the check and had a premonition of something bad as he studied it.

“H-How are you okay? Didn’t you have your finger chopped off?” Aaron was baffled.

Levi ignored them and suddenly raised his voice, “How in the world did you get this check?”

“Uh…” Aaron hesitated.

“Spit it out!” Levi snarled, exuding a breath of hostility that made the two of them hold their breaths as if they were being strangled at their necks. His gaze was especially terrifying.

Intimidated, Aaron gave him a factual account of the chronology of the incident.

“At Sheraton Hotel on Maxwell Street!” Aaron finished.

“How long has it been?!” Levi asked.

“It’s probably too late!” Aaron lowered his head.

Harry nodded. “Yeah, it’s too late, even if you get there in a sports car!”

Levi threw the pile of documents to the ground, pushed them aside, and dialed Azure Dragon’s number as he walked out.

“I need a chopper! Immediately! Now!”

Levi’s voice was cold to the extreme.

Less than five minutes after he left the casino, a military helicopter came to a halt on the square.

Ignoring the astonishment of those passing by, Levi boarded the helicopter.

A sports car might not make it there on time, but a helicopter could.

“I want the Sheraton Hotel’s blueprint layout!”

A gleam of murderous intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

In Sheraton Hotel’s presidential suite, Zoey was still confronting Oswald.

“There’s no use stalling for time, Zoey! The more you hesitate, the more Levi will suffer!” Oswald chortled.

Of course, Zoey understood that point, but she couldn’t get past the hurdle in her heart. She even wanted to jump off the building and get it over with.

Oswald stood with his back facing the window, appraising Zoey.

“Relax, I won’t force you! I’ll wait for you to get into my bed whenever you wish!”

The grin on Oswald’s face widened like a devil from hell.

“Do you want me to broadcast it to you now to see how many of Levi’s fingers have been chopped off?”

Oswald was well versed in psychological warfare. He was destroying Zoey’s psychological defense to a great extent.

“You’re a monster!” Zoey shrieked, glaring at Oswald.

“You’re not the first person to call me that! Every woman that I’ve slept with and every man that I’ve killed called me a monster!” Oswald gave a broken smile as he inched closer.

Zoey stared at him in horror, moving back slowly.

“What? Is Levi that cripple really so good? How am I inferior to him?” Oswald asked.

“No! You can never match him!” Zoey shouted.

Oswald took out his phone and sniggered. “Howard, tell Enzo to chop off Levi’s hands and feet for me and send me the video!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 128

“Wait!” Zoey shouted in panic when she heard that. “I’ll listen to you only if you don’t make things hard for him! Just don’t touch him!”

“Then come on!”

Oswald opened his arms wide, waiting for Zoey to fall into his arms.



Then, suddenly, the French windows behind Oswald made a sound like ice breaking and it shattered.

A man rushed in from outside—it was Levi!


With a hard kick, he sent Oswald flying out of the way.


Oswald slammed into the wall, bleeding all over the place.

He was about to struggle to his feet when Levi grabbed his hair.


Levi gave him a sharp punch to the face, causing Oswald’s spectacles to crumble.


Then came the second punch.


At the third punch, Oswald passed out.

“Stop… Stop it!” shouted Zoey, coming back to her senses. “He’s going to die!”

Right now, Levi had surely lost all sense of rationality.

He had never been so infuriated before.

Zoey was his bottom line.

And whoever crossed that line was a dead man!

Zoey looked at Levi in fear. She could feel his overwhelming hostility.

This is a thirty-story building!

How did he come in from the outside?

He’s the devil of a man!

“Let’s go!”

Zoey pulled Levi away, afraid that he would really beat Oswald to death if they stayed there any longer.

After Levi had left with Zoey, several bodyguards entered the room.

The sight of Oswald lying in a pool of blood scared them.

“Who did this?”

“No matter who did this, even God can’t save him now!”

“Who the f*ck in North Hampton has the audacity to lay hands on Mr. Rogers?”

Zoey knew they were in deep trouble.

She was keenly aware of Oswald’s identity as the sole heir of the aristocratic Rogers family, not to mention his tens of billions of wealth, his network of connections ramified all over the military, political, and business circles.

He was the true juggernaut of North Hampton!

Compared to the Rogers family, they were as small and insignificant as ants.

She was glad that she had responded quickly. Otherwise, Oswald would have been dead by now and the consequences would have been disastrous.

“Don’t mention any of this when we return,” Zoey instructed.

When they returned home, everyone looked at Levi incredulously.

“What happened? Did they make things hard for you? What about those title deeds and other stuff?”

Levi took out the IOU and tore it off in front of the mass.

“It’s settled. You guys don’t have to bother about it anymore,” Levi said coldly.

“Huh? How did you do it?”

Aaron and the others were utterly perplexed.

It was only then that Zoey noticed Levi had come through all those perils unscathed. Not only did he not lose a finger, he even got the IOU.

“I called the cops once I got a lead. The underground casino should be toast by now,” Levi said.

It wasn’t long before the police called.

Not only was the underground casino taken down, but Aaron’s matter was also revealed to be a fraud.

All the suspects had been apprehended and the seventy thousand that Aaron lost had been returned to him.

Aaron hugged Levi with much excitement. “Oh Levi, you’re the best son-in-law we could ever have! You’re a keeper! I can’t believe you’ve settled this!”

Even Harry had to admit that Levi was useful this time.

Caitlyn, too, shed tears of joy.

After all, the Lopez family was almost ruined.

However, Zoey couldn’t afford to be happy.

The Rogers family definitely will not let this slide!

The Return of God of War Chapter 129
In Zoey’s opinion, offending the Rogers family was much more of a crisis than this.

Reckoning that they would probably exterminate the entire Lopez family for this, she told Levi everything as soon as they returned to Bayview Garden.

“Yeah, I know.” Levi nodded.

“What should we do next? The Rogers family will soon find out about this!”

Zoey was stressed out to the extreme.

“Don’t worry. You still got me.” Levi smiled.

Zoey wouldn’t have believed it if Levi had said that in the past.

However, the scene of Levi breaking in through the window today was etched in her mind.

It made her feel safe and secure, and she was no longer afraid to take on the world with Levi.

Besides, if the Rogers family were to question them, she felt she could plead with Pamela.

At night, while flipping through different news channels on her phone in bed, Zoey came across a piece of intriguing news that happened on the streets of North Hampton.

There was a military helicopter parked directly on the square with someone boarding it without giving so much of a backward glance.

For some reason, Zoey actually associated the helicopter with Levi.

After all, the figure of the person in the image looked rather similar to him, although it was fuzzy.

Could it be Levi who came to Sheraton Hotel by helicopter and broke in through the window on the thirtieth floor?

There is a possibility!

Otherwise, what other explanation could there be?

I’ll have to look for witnesses when there’s time to see if it was Levi who boarded that helicopter.

Golden Villa, the top luxury villa in North Hampton, covered an area of over fifty hectares.

It was where the aristocratic Rogers family resided.

That night, the atmosphere at home was somber and dead.

After all, Oswald, the heir of the family, was almost beaten to death and was still unconscious.

The entire Rogers family was infuriated.

At the pitiful sight of his grandson, Glenn exuded an aura of overwhelming force.

Glenn had once fought on the battlefield. Although he had retired from the military, his bold and domineering aura was still palpable.

At the end of his military career, Glenn had served as an instructor.

He had taught many students and some of them could now be found in every major war zone, such as Steven Shaw, the Colonel of North Hampton First Metallic Regiment.

Over the years, Steven had been a great help to the Rogers family.

Besides the Rogers family’s own strength, it was the network of connections that Glenn had accumulated in the past, covering the military, political, and business circles, that had enabled the Rogers family to achieve their current level of success.

Therefore, no matter what time of the day it was, his students were always at his beck and calls.

“Who did this?” Glenn demanded.

A gentle-looking middle-aged man stepped forward. He was Anthony, Oswald’s father.

“Dad, it was Levi Garrison. This is a sticky business. Oswald was beaten up by him for making indecent moves toward Zoey at the hotel. But the point is, the underground casino has been taken down, and they had ratted out on Oswald.”

Anthony’s expression was very unsightly.

“Is the underground casino really owned by Oswald?” asked Glenn with a gloomy face.

Anthony nodded. “Yes, it is. Fred Turner from the Criminal Investigation Team just called to confirm. Even the captain, Xavier Fields, knows about this. It’s a devil of a tricky problem if we get back at Levi for this!”

“What did Fred say?” Glenn asked.

“They knew about the assault on Oswald, but they advised us to smooth things over and treat it as if it never happened,” Anthony said.

“Now is not a good time to meet with a mishap when the Rogers Group’s fortieth-anniversary celebration is just around the corner. The impact is just too big,” Glenn sighed.

The Return of God of War Chapter 130
However, Glenn changed the subject soon after. “But look at my grandson. How can I stomach this?”

“As you said, the celebration is around the corner. Let’s get back at Levi once it’s over,” someone suggested.

“Okay, we’ll give him a few days to fool around, then I want him dead, no matter his background or power!” said Glenn distantly.

Then, having thought of something, he instructed, “Inform those students of mine to attend the celebration!”

Everyone felt a rush of excitement when they heard that.

Some of Glenn’s students served in the war zones, and others were in politics.

In terms of age, they were about thirty to forty years old and each of them was in the prime of their life. All held influential positions, like Steven Shaw.

It would have been a magnificent sight to see such people come together for the celebration.

In the next few days, what Zoey had been worried about didn’t happen and it made her jittery.

Thereafter, she found out through connections that the casino belonged to Oswald, which explained why the Rogers family had left it at that.

“No wonder Levi was so confident. He knew the Rogers family wouldn’t dare to make it public,” Zoey mused, smiling.

In fact, Levi didn’t know about it at all and was still waiting for the Rogers family to take their revenge.

He was shocked when he learned about it from Azure Dragon.

“It is said that the Rogers family will be having their fortieth-anniversary celebration a week later. I supposed they’re afraid of the negativity it will bring about if they make a move on you now,” Azure Dragon said.

Levi tugged his lips into a smirk. “Fortieth-anniversary celebration? Nice, I’ll be there by then to present them with the biggest gift they will ever have!”

The Rogers family must be exterminated!

It wasn’t only Oswald who directed the entire conspiracy back then, but the Rogers family was also part of it.

“By the way, Sir, I’ve found out what you asked me to investigate. The Rogers family only possesses part of Levi Group’s core technologies. Other core technologies have disappeared, but there are corresponding products on the market,” Azure Dragon said.

Inspired by what happened to Oswald, Levi felt that there were probably other forces who targeted him back then as well other than the Garrison family and the Rogers family.

Levi Group, which was founded by Levi, was mainly involved in the fields of medicine and science and technology.

At that time, he had turned the volume up to eleven and broke into the market, and was reckoned to have taken advantage of many people.

The core technology developed by his team was especially terrifying, as it had elevated Levi’s net worth by billions within a year.

Many people had coveted Levi Group’s core technology, and even more people wanted him dead.

Hence, Levi had asked Azure Dragon to find out who was possessing the core technology.

Just as he thought, the Rogers family only controlled part of it, and there were others who also took part in plotting his downfall.

“Keep searching according to those online products!” Levi ordered.

Even if the whole North Hampton was turned upside down, revenge was his ultimate goal!

For the past few days, Aaron and Caitlyn had been very nice to Levi.

Perhaps they felt guilty, but for Zoey’s sake, Levi shrugged it off.

When Levi came home at night, Abigail surprisingly showed up at their door.

“Levi, I’ve got great news!” Abigail beamed.

Levi put on a confused expression. “Great news? What? Are you getting married?”

“Pfft! I don’t even have a boyfriend. Who am I supposed to marry? You?” Abigail said, eyeing Zoey with hidden intentions in her words.

“Then what’s the great news? Say it,” Levi said.

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