The Return of God of War Chapter 1200

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1200

They were not in a hurry to take action and were just there to observe Levi.

“I just want to see if Levi has really become a vegetable?”

This was definitely an Erudian who was speaking.

They observed for a full minute before exchanging shocked glances while exclaiming, “It’s true!”

“There is no way he can wake up after being poisoned by the Blood King Palace! It doesn’t matter anymore whether he’s alive or dead!”

One of them said.

“No, don’t you remember that we have a mission? Even if he were dead, we’d still have to kill him once again!”

“Yes, our objective is very simple. Since Mr. Finch wants Levi’s head, we will cut off his head and hang it at the highest spot we can find, so that the whole world can see that he is dead!”


With a flip of his wrist, the other person drew out a sharp knife that shone brightly with an icy gleam.

The assassin aimed the sharp knife at Levi’s neck. With one slice, his head would definitely be separated from his body.

Even though the blade is pressing against Levi’s skin, he was still lying motionlessly.


That man growled.

At that split second…


That knife actually landed on a hard object.


At the very next moment, the three of them saw Levi’s eyes flew open.

His glare was razor sharp and icy cold.

It was the ring on his finger that had prevented that knife.


Levi suddenly got up. With one shove, the knife turned around to stab the other person instead.


He immediately sprang out of bed and slammed the other two persons’ heads together violently.

Even till the point of their deaths, the three of them could not understand how Levi had woken up.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

At the same time, his window suddenly exploded and his room door was forcibly opened.

Every single one of the assassins and fighters rushed into the room and charged towards Levi.

They were just one step behind these three elite fighters from Erudia.

The next moment, the two opposing parties were locked in battle in that tiny ward.

Bloody arrows were shot across the rooms while continuous howls and growls were heard.

The intensive care unit seemed to be so isolated from the other places in the hospital that nobody knew what was going on despite all the action and noise from the inside.

Nobody knew where Zoey was as well…

On his own, Levi faced and slashed his way through hundreds of assassins.

In the end, all of them were defeated.

Levi squeezed out every ounce of his strength and finally fell down.

This time, he had really used up all his strength.

The man had actually saved up some of his strength during his fight with Winsor.

He could have won that battle.

It was because he wanted to see who from Erudia wanted him dead that he did this.

White Tiger and Azure Dragon left because Levi had secretly given the latter a signal.

Otherwise, based on White Tiger’s character, he would have fought with Winsor until the very end.

Therefore, Levi took advantage of his ‘death’ to deceive everyone, including even Benny.

The doctor really thought that Levi had fallen into a vegetative state, hence he declared so.

Thanked to Benny, Levi used this as a bait to entice his potential killers.

Mr. Finch?

Just now, the three fighters from Erudia had mentioned this name.

Who was he?

Even though Levi was the God of War, he did not know much about the prominent figures in Erudia.

After all, he had been at the borders all this time.

However, it was useless knowledge anyway, as he was about to die.



Levi could not stop coughing up blood.

He had completely exhausted that very last breath he had been saving up.

After all, he just killed a few hundred elite fighters a moment ago…

He really fought hard until the very last moment.

The man could do no more.

Right now, he could feel life flowing out of him…

He was losing his consciousness, and could even feel his soul leaving his body…

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