The Return of God of War Chapter 1198

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1198

Benny walked out with exhaustion written all over his face.

Zoey and Emma, who had just woken up, rushed to him instantly.

“Mr. Quinton, how is he?”

The two of them asked hurriedly.

Benny tugged at his mask and gave them a deep bow. “I am sorry, I tried my best. He still did not wake up.”


This piece of news was completely distressing to Zoey and Emma.

Both of them fell to the ground immediately.

“However, he is not dead!”

Benny’s words made everyone regain hope.

“What? Not dead? That means there is still hope for him to wake up?”

Zoey wiped her tears away and rays of light shone from her eyes.

“Yes, he is not dead! I have never seen such will and determination in a person! That’s how he is staying alive!”

Benny recalled, “I remember him telling me that as an Erudian warrior, he needs to keep fighting till the very end. He is probably surviving with this iron-strong will of his!”

“When will he be able to wake up?”

Zoey was very worried.

“There is no certainty! Based on the statistics, there is a ninety-nine percent chance that he will not wake up, with only one percent chance that he will! We don’t know when that will happen. It could be a few years, or it could be decades…”

Benny told them the cruel truth.


Zoey did not expect the situation to be so serious, and for hope to be so elusive!

“Don’t you have any other way, Mr. Quinton?”

Emma cried.

“No. Right now, it’s all up to his good luck…”

Benny seemed like he did not want to see this happening as well.

Zoey was very determined. “No, it’s alright as long as there is still hope! I believe that Levi will not just abandon us like this. He will definitely wake up!”

“Zoey, we would advise you to give up. He is as good as dead!”

Dale advised her.

He really did not wish for his god-daughter to waste so much time on a person in a vegetative state.

“No, my child and I must wait for him to wake up!”

Zoey was very determined.

Soon, the news that Levi had fallen into a vegetative state spread like wildfire.

The former God of War had met with such a tragic ending, and only had one percent chance of waking up…

His position was usurped and his people were transferred away, while he fell into a vegetative state.

It was a shuddering ending…

“Oh, not completely dead? There is still a chance for him to wake up?”

“His will to live is really strong!”

Winsor was very surprised to hear this piece of news.

With that, he snorted. “He is just a loser. What has his life or death got to do with me?”

“Levi still has a chance to wake up? No, he must be completely dead!”

There were voices and murmurs like these in Erudia and the rest of the world.

They had paid a huge price for Levi to end up this way.

And he was actually not completely dead yet?

How could everyone be relaxed about it?

Despite being in a coma state, he was still a potential threat.

They would only feel at ease after they see Levi’s corpse.

“Send out my command. Dispatch the elite fighter to check on Levi’s condition! No, whether he is alive or dead, kill!!!”

“Winsor won’t care about his life. Now that all of Levi’s people have been transferred away, we can do whatever we want!”


Similar commands came from all over the world.

One by one, elite fighters appeared at Oakland City.

The solitary and helpless Levi was about to face a huge impending danger…

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