The Return of God of War Chapter 1195

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1195


Extreme silence!

One could hear a pin drop.

Everyone was petrified when Levi had no more movement.

This included Asura, who was rooted to the ground.


For a full thirty seconds, Asura trembled violently while spurting out fresh blood from his mouth.

This brought everyone back to reality.

In this fight, even though Levi was down, Winsor had also paid a painful price.

He was seriously injured as well.

Levi, who was ambushed repeatedly and poisoned, could still cause such injuries to Asura.

How powerful would he be had he been well?

However, the truth was before them…

Someone did not want to see Levi alive, or rather, did not want him to continue being the God of War.

The legend was defeated in a despicable way!

He did not actually lose!

He was being schemed!



Each and every one of Levi’s closest guards fell on their knees in disbelief of all that was happening before their eyes.

Azure Dragon and a few others rushed to check on Levi’s condition.

“I won!”

“I, Winsor Campbell, have defeated the God of War Levi Garrison!”

“That title should’ve belonged to me long ago! Now, I’ve won it with my bare hands!”

Winsor screamed and howled maniacally.

This was his glorious moment, or rather, this was the peak of his life!

Not only him, the entire Erudia and all of the ancient families witnessed the fall of Levi!

Winsor was stronger than Levi!

Everyone was more concerned with the outcome rather than the process, and they did not care if Levi had been poisoned, injured, or ambushed.

All they saw was that Levi was defeated…

“Asura Trio…”

“Zar congratulates the God of War on your victory!”

“Asura! Asura! Asura!” The Bolgun yelled.

“God of War, Asura!”

Asura’s guards all fell to their knees and cheered out loud.

“Asura is undefeatable!”

“Asura is Invincible!”


“Hahaha, no longer Asura. He should be addressed as the God of War!”

“Levi has mentioned that if he loses, he will vacate the position!”

Zar said.

“We congratulate the new God of War. May you protect Erudia!”


At this moment, up to one hundred families at Oakland City, including even the Garrisons, Garcias, and the Lehmans, all knelt before Winsor and cheered loudly together.

Winsor waved and said, “Alright, from now on, I am the new God of War!”


He had waited too long for this day to arrive.

Somewhere at Erudia.

A few people were having tea.

“Sir, under our forcible interference, Levi lost and is probably dead by now!”

Someone suddenly reported.

“Alright! Hahaha…he is finally defeated!”

A middle-aged man laughed heartily.

This was the same at various places overseas.

Tenichi, Wheldrake, and Atlantis all received the news of Levi’s defeat and even of his death.

It seemed like many places were cheering for joy.

The terrifying force that had suppressed them for years was finally conquered.

This called for a universal celebration!

The amount of hatred for Levi had now turned into joy.

In front of the Garrison family compound.

Zoey and Emma made a dash for Levi.



“My son…”

Everyone was cheering.

They shook him a few times but he still did not wake up.

In fact, his body had stiffened and become icy cold.

Zoey put her fingers tentatively in front of his nostrils…

“There is no breath…”

Zoey was shocked beyond madness.

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