The Return of God of War Chapter 1193

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1193

Next, the huge battle began between Levi and Winsor.

From the moment they made their first move, the crowd was astounded and astonished by their actions.

Everyone was suddenly forced to step back about one hundred meters, and there was nowhere left for them to stand on in the middle of the grounds.

Between them, they released airwaves that were strong enough to send a few people flying away, and a number of people were injured because of this as well.

It was a dark fight indeed.

The Garrison clan compound had completely collapsed.

All the surrounding trees were destroyed and even the two stone lions at the entrance had exploded without anybody’s realization.

Nobody had ever witnessed such an earth-shattering battle before.

After all, both of them were practically invincible, having defeated thousands of soldiers on the battlefield.

In terms of fighting prowess, they were of the ultimate class at the very least.

Hence, this was definitely the battle of the century.

Asura gave it his all in this battle, vividly displaying every inch of his cruel and ruthless side.

Having singlehandedly killed more than eight thousand people belonging to a terrifying organization from the Western Dark World, Asura was carnage personified!

However, this was Levi he was battling with.

“Terrific! This is absolutely marvelous!”

Everyone could not help but sing their praises.


However, something unforeseen had happened. Levi suddenly fell backward and fresh blood was spurting out of his mouth.

Seizing the opportunity, Winsor did not give him any breathing room and went all out.

The combat resumed.


Levi was sent flying across the air once again.

As he lay on the ground, Levi could feel his head spinning. The Blood King Palace’s ultimate poison was way too powerful.

In fact, it was definitely fatal!

Before this, Levi was still holding on firmly.

However, after the rigorous battle with Winsor, he could no longer suppress the poison.

He had always known that Asura was very strong, and from that battle, he could gauge his powers.


He was incredibly, terrifyingly strong!

However, Levi had his own way to defeat him!

Despite being poisoned, as long as Levi channeled all of his energy into that one strike, Winsor will definitely lose!

At this moment, two voices appeared in his mind.

One said, Levi, you cannot lose, you must give it your all to defeat Winsor!

The other voice said, Put everything down and be with your wife and daughter.

The two voices were interweaving in his mind.

Levi had owed Zoey way too much over all these years.

He really wanted to give up his identity as God of War. All he wanted to do was to be a commoner who could spend quality time with his family.

Previously, when Asura helped to protect Zoey and her parents, Levi really wanted to vacate his position as God of War.

However, the more he thought about it, it did not feel right to him.

The entire Erudia acknowledged him and his position.

While Winsor was welcomed to take over, he had to defeat Levi first!

The latter was the God of War, and in the face of every challenge, he would definitely give it his all and never give up!

He could not throw the game, and he definitely could not be defeated!


At this moment, Levi’s energy suddenly elevated rapidly, as if he was an awakened beast.

His frightening aura made everyone’s blood run cold.

Suddenly, everyone felt like they were short of breath and found it hard to even breathe.


This was simply too terrifying!

Is this the Levi Garrison who had fought off one hundred thousand soldiers all by himself?

White Tiger and the rest were excited as the undefeatable devil from the battlefield emerged in their vision once again.

It was indeed extremely frightening!

Winsor’s face changed.

He could feel fear now that Levi had levelled up.

All smiles disappeared from his disciple Zar’s face.

They had just assumed that they were about to win this.

The spies were dumbfounded as they witnessed everything from the dark corners.

Was Levi that strong?

Even that did not kill him, and he could still fight?

From the looks of it, he might even defeat Asura?

Where were his limits?


Levi must not be allowed to live, and definitely not allowed to win!

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