The Return of God of War Chapter 1191

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1191

“I actually wanted to tell you everything at the wedding, but Damien’s unexpected intrusion disrupted my plan! Later on, I wanted to explain while I dealt with the Garrisons, but something unexpected happened. The Dragonites transferred me out under their highest order and made it my mission to annihilate Blood King Palace. Because of that, I had to be away for the past year and a half. I missed the birth of our child and the agreement with the Garrison clan, and you were left to fend for yourself…” Levi explained why he went missing for one and a half years.

Everyone finally understood the real reason behind his disappearance.

He had been tasked to wipe out Blood King Palace.

“This was all in fact a scheme by my enemies from overseas to separate you and Mother from me!” Levi continued.

“Then why were we not in danger after you left? I even went overseas…” Zoey questioned him.

“Erudia had sent Asura to protect you from the ten thousand men who were waiting to ambush you at Keerea airport. Meanwhile, Mother was protected by Zar, Bolgun, and Talon,” Levi explained.

Zoey then understood why things had been so smooth for her when Levi was away.

There were always people around to protect her.

Even when Asura tried to attack her when her negotiations with the Garrison clan failed, there were men looking after her.

“Zoey, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you and our child. But trust me when I say I’m Erudia’s God of War. Your husband now rules the world!” Levi finally made it up to her with a complete explanation.

“I’m so proud of you, darling!” Zoey hugged him tightly as she burst into tears.

This is my husband!

My pride and my hero!

He is the world’s best husband!

“You kept all this from me for so long. Why didn’t you tell me earlier…” She sobbed.

Thinking back on what she went through for the last two years, she realized everything that happened was no coincidence.

Levi had always been in control of every event in her life, and everything started to make sense to her.

“What a perfect explanation! You are indeed Erudia’s hero! We owe you a huge apology!” Dale took the initiative to apologize.

“I was wrong too!” Edwin got down on his knees.

“The Garrisons should kneel for three whole days! If Tyrone can take a punch from me, I’ll let this matter go!” Levi offered the Garrison clan an ultimatum.

From a wider point of view, he knew that it was best not to annihilate the Garrison clan.

Finally, Tyrone stood before him.


Levi threw a hard punch without any reservation, and Tyrone’s body flew over a hundred meters before he hit a wall.

No one knew if he survived.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Garrison clan had to kneel for three entire days to atone for their sins.

As the public caught wave of this news, many shady figures watched on in the dark.

They were not Erudians, and but were Tenichi’s men.

“Levi’s repeated assaults have triggered the Blood King Palace’s most poisonous attack! He is about to battle Asura again, and he will die without a doubt!” One of the spies sneered.

The Blood King Palace’s poison was the best weapon they could use to defeat Levi.

That very moment, Levi was suddenly overcome by an unpleasant sensation.

He felt like the sky was spinning as he struggled to stand up straight.

Feeling nauseous, he tried his best to hold back his vomit.

But he clearly felt that the effects of the toxin were a lot stronger this time.

He had battled Teneb and the seventy-one God class warriors of the Garrison clan before, so he was surprised that he was feeling this weak.

How come I can’t seem to control the poison this time? How is this possible?

Levi’s expression changed drastically.

“God of War, it’s time for our battle now!” someone exclaimed.

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