The Return of God of War Chapter 1188

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1188

Another group of soldiers appeared.

It was the representative army of Oakland City – the Dragonites!

The initially spacious plaza was now completely filled to overflowing with more than ten thousand people there kneeling to Levi!

The Garrison clan, Zoey and Emma were at a loss for what to do.

They stood there dumbly, still in a daze from what they had seen.

“Asura is here with Zar, Bolgun and Talon!”

A commanding voice announced loudly.

Winsor strode over with three of his own regiments of men. His men were all wearing demon masks. However, there were three kinds of masks to differentiate them into their separate regiments.

“Zar greets the God of War!”

“Bolgun greets the God of War!”

“Talon greets the God of War!”

As the three men said that, their individual regiments all kneeled before Levi and addressed him as well.

It was a truly majestic scene!

These were all of Erudia’s fiercest and strongest armies!

Each was capable of defeating a ten thousand men army themselves!

It would not be an exaggeration to say all the soldiers present here right now were equivalent to millions of normal men!

That meant more than a million men were currently worshipping the God of War!

“Winsor Campbell greets the God of War!”

Even Winsor had to address Levi respectfully, but only because the latter was stronger than him.

Rank-wise, they were of equal rank. Thus, Winsor did not have to kneel. It was enough that he bow as a sign of respect.

Since Levi was here to accept the challenge, of course Winsor had to make an appearance to support him.

Winsor was a man of great reputation and influence.

All the influential families in Oakland City knew him, especially since he had appeared last year as well.

With such a jaw-dropping turnout, it was obvious now who Levi was.

This young man in his twenties was none other than Erudia’s own God of War!

He was Erudia’s best defense, able to strike terror into every other countries’ hearts!

“G-God of War…?”

The first to snap out of his shock was Teneb. Now he understood how he had lost.

How could he possibly win against the God of War?

Zed and the Garcia family members were close to crying.

They finally knew why Conrad, who had been crippled, had chosen to let things go. He had absolutely refused to speak about what happened to him.

It turned out that he had offended the God of War. Who had the guts to pursue this matter further?

No way the Garcia family was going to let themselves be exterminated!

Dale was completely blown away by this revelation.

It was dawning on him why Jerry would risk pissing off the Lehman family and break off his marriage contract with Zoey.

Jerry must have known about Levi’s true identity.

That was why he would rather die than actually snatch the God of War’s wife away from him!

Speaking of dying…

Edwin felt like a bolt of lightning had struck him.

What did I do yesterday? I was actually trying to force the God of War to give us an explanation while on his knees! What an idiot! I’m definitely going to die for this!

“Woohoo, Daddy’s amazing! Daddy’s so cool!”

Among all the people present, little Forlevia was the most clearheaded at that moment.

As a young child, she did not understand what the adults were talking about. All she knew was that a lot of people were kneeling before her father.

Of course he’s amazing! He’s the venerable God of War himself!

Zoey’s blank eyes gradually brightened as she slowly began to make the connections.

“The God of War?”

“Wait a minute, the God of War?”

“My husband is the God of War?”

A crazed expression made its way onto her face and she was close to losing her composure.

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