The Return of God of War Chapter 1186

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1186

It was absolutely outrageous how formidable Levi was!

They had never seen a young man as terrifying as him before.

In fact, they had never even heard of the existence of someone remotely like him!

Tyrone was dumbstruck.

This is my son? If only we had accepted him into the family back then, we would be unstoppable right now! The other families would be bowing down before our might for at least a hundred years, maybe even more! The Garrison clan would have attained new heights! However, now that things have deteriorated to this extent, what’s more important is protecting our pride and reputation. We have to defeat him!

Thus, the only option they had left was to bring in the one man in their clan that was like a living god – Teneb.

Rumors had it that Teneb was an Ultimate class warrior, which was why he had managed to live so long.

At one hundred and thirty years old, his energy was still strong.

None of the people present had expected Levi would be so powerful that the Garrison clan would need to invite Teneb to the scene.

In no time at all, Teneb was escorted down to the plaza.


The Garrison clan members fell to their knees before the old man, chorusing, “Please seek justice for us, Elder Teneb! The disowned son, Levi Garrison, refused to acknowledge his ancestors and elders! He beat up his own cousins and even his elders! He even killed the Garrison clan’s hope, Damien! Please eradicate him for the sake of the clan, Elder Teneb!”

Presently, the Garrison clan was acknowledging Levi’s identity as a Garrison. However, they were now painting him as someone heartless and disrespectful.

Cough cough!

To their immense surprise, Teneb’s body shook as he coughed violently, spitting out blood.

“What? Elder Teneb… You’re injured?”

The color drained from everyone’s faces at that thought.

But then they recalled the commotion that had come from the forbidden grounds yesterday and understood.

Elder Teneb must have fought with someone yesterday and gotten hurt! To be able to injure the Guardian of the Garrison clan, how formidable must that person be? Was it yet another Ultimate class warrior?

That was an incredibly daunting thought. Having it be someone from the God class was already scary enough, but another Ultimate class?

It was said the gap between a God and Ultimate class was nearly insurmountable.

If one were to achieve the rank of Ultimate, that would mean he had gone beyond the limits of a mortal!

What was even more amazing was their combat prowess and longevity!

One could take on an army of ten thousand men by himself and his life was extended infinitely…

When it came to influence, it was said that having an Ultimate class warrior in a country was the best defense that country could have.

With an Ultimate class warrior on the frontlines, any army would quail in fear!

That was why everyone thought the culprit who injured Teneb was another Ultimate class warrior.

Wiping away the blood trickling from his lips, Teneb nodded. “Yes, I’m injured.”

Then, he turned to look at Levi.

“Don’t tell me it’s Levi who did this to you?”

Disbelief was writ across everybody’s faces.

“That’s right. It was him!” Teneb nodded. “I gathered everyone here today because of this important issue!”

In an instant, everyone realized why Teneb had called back all the Garrison clan members.


A coppery taste spread through Tyrone’s mouth before blood gushed out of his mouth.

To think they had been throwing the younger generations at Levi when he had already defeated their strongest member, Teneb!

Was there any limit to Levi’s power? He had singlehandedly obliterated the entire Garrison clan!

Tyrone ranted, “No, we haven’t lost yet! The truly strong fighters are not here yet!”

He was referring to the clan members on the Saber Leaderboard, in particular Yancy, Lyle and Micah. Those three really were the strongest fighters the Garrison clan had left.

If they took on Levi together, it was likely they might win.

Soon, Yancy arrived with more than a dozen fighters from the Saber Leaderboard.

Burt, Lincon and the others who had joined the Hidden Dragon training camp also arrived.

“The Garrison clan can’t lose!” Yancy shouted.

But as his eyes locked onto Levi’s in the next instant, he was dumbstruck.

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