The Return of God of War Chapter 1185

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1185

The bloodied form of Damien lay on the floor for all to see.

Zoey had been quick to cover her daughter’s eyes, not wanting her to see such a horrible sight.

Is Levi really that powerful? He’s really not afraid of the Garrisons, is he? They really did wrongfully blame him!

Everyone was stunned at Damien’s defeat, especially since he had already been boosted by the pill and energies of others.

How fearsome!

“You can make use of this yourself!”

With that said, Levi kicked open the lid of the coffin and threw Damien inside.

Scritch scritch!

Using a dagger, he carved some words into the gravestone. Here lies Damien Garrison.


When he was done, he rammed the gravestone into the ground.

Levi’s rapid defeat of Damien caught the Garrison clan off guard and they were absolutely incensed.

This was the biggest taunt Levi could ever do to the Garrison clan.

I killed off your future, all your hopes and dreams!

The Garrison clan members were about to lose their minds.

Levi had killed off Damien, their best and brightest! He was supposed to be the future of the Garrison clan!

Not only that, but he had also been the future of the Garcia family too!

After all, he had Garcia blood flowing through his veins as well.

Both families were crazed with anger as they yelled, “Die! Kill him!”

Warrior after warrior appeared and gathered together. Every single one of them was a God class fighter.




It was absolutely astonishing and daunting!

It had taken all eighteen countries of the Eighteen-Nation Alliance to gather even a hundred God class warriors.

Yet the Garrison clan and Garcia family alone already had seventy-one God class warriors!

This was the might of the number one and two ancient families in Erudia.

There were two characteristics that separated a God class warrior from a normal human. Other than their incredible power, they also lived a lot longer than an ordinary person due to their stronger life energies.

That was why a lot of the God class warriors before Levi now were actually rather old.

Since they had pinned all their hopes on Damien, there was no way they would let Levi off the hook for killing him!

“You’re dead, you hear me? Dead!” Zed Garcia hollered.

Tyrone was also screaming like a madman, “Do you seriously think I won’t kill you?”

Despite being faced with the pressure of so many God class warriors, Levi was extremely delighted!

It reminded him of back then when he was facing the God class warriors of the Eighteen-Nation Alliance!

“Wonderful, wonderful!” he crowed while laughing.

“Boss, let us take them!” White Tiger offered as the five of them stepped forward eagerly.

Levi shook his head. “No. This is my business so I’ll handle them myself!”

He was not the slightest bit afraid of these seventy plus God class warriors.

It was not like he had not already experienced this once before!

“Are there any more? All of you should come at me together! It’ll save me a lot of time!”

He wagged his finger at them tauntingly.

Such arrogance!

Even now, he was still provoking the people here!

It was clear he was completely disrespectful to the Garrison clan and Garcia family!

Tyrone thundered, “So you think you’re that good, huh? I’d like to see just how capable a fighter you are! The Garrison clan has an abundance of elite fighters! If they’re not enough, we still have the top three fighters of the Saber Leaderboard! We also have the Guardian of the Garrison Clan!”

“Kill him!”

Immediately, all the God class warriors charged at Levi simultaneously.

The ensuing battle was chaotic and intense.

From where they were standing by the sidelines, White Tiger and the other four could feel their blood pounding through their veins in excitement.

It was like they were seeing the legendary and undefeatable God of War again.

A short while later, Levi was standing tall with his white shirt stained crimson with blood.

Around him, all seventy-one God class warriors were groaning or howling with pain.

They had been utterly defeated!

It was outrageous how strong Levi was!

He had singlehandedly wiped out the best fighters the Garrison clan and Garcia family had!

The crowd was abuzz at the shocking event.

“T-This… That… That’s just too scary!”

“I’ve never seen anyone as powerful as him!”

Tyrone and the rest of the Garrison clan members had not expected Levi would be that strong either.

“Levi, don’t think that we’ll admit defeat just like that! Please grace us with your presence, Elder Teneb!” Tyrone yelled.

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