The Return of God of War Chapter 1184

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1184

Anybody who was observant enough would realize what the Garrison clan had done.

But this was the most powerful ancient family in Erudia.

Nobody dared to speak up even if they were mad about it.

“What the hell is this? That’s cheating! How can the Garrison clan do that?” Dale protested in righteous anger.

After all, he was standing on Zoey’s side, which by extension meant Levi’s side. Of course he would be mad at seeing the Garrison clan members cheating.

“Hasn’t the Garrison clan always been like that? They’re ruthless when it comes to getting what they want! The fact that this concerns Damien is making them even more uncaring of anything else! After all, if he loses, that means the Garrisons lose too! There’s no way they’ll allow him to be defeated!” someone piped up.

Dale huffed angrily, “So we’re going to do nothing but watch?”

The people nearest to him sighed. “There’s nothing we can do but endure this! This is the Garrison clan we’re talking about.”

“Argh!” Dale hit his chest anxiously.

He was helpless and he knew it. The most he could do was complain.

Zoey panicked when she heard that short conversation.

It was just so unfair that the Garrison clan cheated!

This was not a one on one match with Damien.

This was Levi fighting against the entire Garrison clan!

That meant he was in even more danger!

It did not matter how strong he was.

If the Garrison clan was really as ruthless as they said, then he would be dead either way.

What a bunch of bullies! He was only supposed to fight Damien!

“What a pity! Levi is definitely one of the rare true geniuses out there. Unfortunately, he just had to piss off the Garrison clan. I guess it’s his fate to fall by their hands!”

Everyone was already lamenting the loss of such potential.

But they did not have a choice.

Nobody could actually control the Garrison clan for they did not have the courage nor the power to do so.

Due to his increased power, Damien had left the title of God class behind. He was probably closer to the legendary Ultimate class now.

Anyone in the Ultimate class was absolutely terrifying.

It was said that they could take on tens of thousands of men singlehandedly and still win like it was a walk in the park. They were the ultimate warriors that could not be taken down easily even with an army and heavy weaponry.

The only thing was that an Ultimate class warrior was nearly extinct for how rare they were.

Running into a God class warrior was already rare enough, let alone an Ultimate class one.

Damien stalked toward Levi, the sheer power emanating from him pressing down on the other people present. They struggled to breathe as it felt like a boulder was pressing down on their chests.

“Levi Garrison, I won’t lose!” Damien bellowed before swinging his fist out.

The destructive force behind this punch was a hundred times his earlier attack, capable of destroying entire mountains!

He was absolutely certain that this blow would obliterate Levi once and for all.


Levi’s lips curled into a mocking sneer before he met Damien’s fist with his own.


The impact of that collision was like a satellite smashing into Earth, sending shockwaves everywhere.



More than a few people coughed out blood from the shockwaves that had slammed into them.

As a whole, the entire crowd was also pushed back more than a dozen meters.


At last, the plaza could no longer hold up under this assault. The entire floor collapsed beneath their feet.

What was even more frightening was that Damien had been defeated.

He had been shoved back twenty meters, his feet leaving two deep furrows in the ground.

Even in this state, Damien had lost?

Just how powerful was Levi?

Everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

“I-I… can’t lose! I can’t lose!” Damien screamed.

He continued to push his body over and beyond his limits. It was obvious he was going to defeat Levi or at least die trying!

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Levi pummeled Damien three more times, leaving the latter a bloody mess.

Damien’s body crumpled to the floor lifelessly.

In the end, the coffin he had custom ordered would become his final resting place!

Tyrone and Olivia screamed when they saw their son fall. “My son! Levi Garrison, you’ll pay for this! Men, kill him!”

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