The Return of God of War Chapter 1183

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1183

Levi and Damien were standing across from each other.

Patting his shoulder, Levi smirked and taunted, “That’s it? That tickled!”

He’s completely unhurt?

Damien had dealt such a powerful blow yet Levi did not even have a scratch on him!

How ridiculous is that!

Everyone had thought he would at the very least be badly injured if not dead.

“You’re too weak!” Levi commented with a snigger.

Back then, he had taken on more than a hundred God class fighters the Eighteen-Nation Alliance had thrown at him. Alone.

Individually, none of them were weaker than Damien at all.

“Time for you to lose!”

With that, Levi threw out his fist.


His punch sounded like an explosion, causing everyone to go deaf momentarily. All they could hear was a loud ringing in their ears.

In fact, some would later describe this like they had been standing in the middle of a warzone while a hundred bombs went off around them.

Watching the fist that sped toward him, Damien tried to meet it with his own.


Unfortunately, he was unable to withstand the power at all. Damien was thrown backward like a ragdoll, blood spurting from his mouth.

He crashed to the floor, disbelief shining in his eyes.

I lost?

“Damien lost? How can that be? How could he have possibly lost?”

Nobody could accept this brutal reality.

The strongest of the younger generation of Garrisons had been defeated!

How horrifying!

That meant that Levi Garrison was also a God class fighter!

Although Emma and Zoey did not know much about the ranking system, they were happy enough that he was so powerful.

No words could describe their pride in him right now!

The Garrison clan was completely frozen in shock.

“No! That can’t be! My son cannot possibly lose! He can’t! He has to win, no matter what!”

Tyrone and Olivia glanced at each other, determined glints in their eyes.

In the past few years, Damien had practically bulldozed over every single opponent he had come across. He had never once lost!

That was also the reason why the Garrison clan was so proud and arrogant.

If he actually lost, that would severely tarnish the Garrison clan’s name and reputation!

The other fighters in the family looked at each other meaningfully, the same thoughts crossing their minds.

They had to make sure Damien won even if it meant cheating! He could not lose, not even once!

As the most powerful ancient family, the Garrison clan did not know the meaning of the word “defeat.”

By this point, Damien was also shooting pleading looks at his father.

Their thoughts echoed that of the other clan members.

Tyrone hurried over to Damien’s side and surreptitiously shoved a pill at him.

Damien swallowed it quickly.

This pill was a special drug that could unlock a person’s full potential.

At the same time, Tyrone and several of the other elite fighters pressed their hands against Damien. They transferred their energies into him, boosting his power even more.

With these two guarantees, he was definitely going to be able to win against Levi!

At this point, nobody cared that they were using such despicable methods to cheat.

When it came to these influential and powerful families, their glamorous and perfect image was just a front for how dirty and disgusting they truly were.

Damien’s power increased dramatically under the inflow of energies and the pill.

Five times!

Ten times!

A hundred times!

His power was now a hundred times his previous level!


Like a phoenix reborn, Damien rose to his feet while his hostile aura exploded out of him. Strong gusts of winds swirled around him.

Feeling the power coursing through his veins, Damien let out a demonic laugh.

This was the first time he had felt so much power!

He was beyond giddy, drunk on the feeling of being invisible!

At that moment, he felt like he could even kill God himself!

“Die, Levi Garrison!” he roared like some demon from Hell.

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