The Return of God of War Chapter 1180

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1180

Everyone was shocked by this sight.

Just how outrageous and arrogant must Levi be to bring a coffin and gravestone to the home of the most powerful ancient family in Erudia?

This was a deliberate provocation!

Damien’s eyebrows twitched as his face reddened in fury.

He recognized those two items.

Does he mean to return them to me? Insolent b*d!

Tyrone was even more enraged.

He had thought Levi was here to beg him, but it was obvious now that the younger man was here to cause a scene.

How dare a bastard child like him taunt the most powerful ancient family in Erudia?

Thousands of pairs of eyes were focused on Levi.

Zoey’s emotions were all over the place at seeing him again.

Even though she had not gotten an explanation from him yet, the fact that he had come here already proved his courage.

“Wow, it’s so lively here! It’s even more crowded than last year during our bet!”

Tyrone guffawed before asking, “Levi Garrison, what are you doing here?”

Levi did not answer the man. Instead, he turned to his mother and stated, “Mom, I brought you here today so you may get an explanation from Tyrone and the Garrison clan! Ask them! Ask them why they abandoned you back then!”

Emma jerked at her son’s words before trembling. Her eyes were shining with tears as various emotions played across her face.

The day she had been wishing and praying for so many years had finally arrived!

Next, Levi turned to look at Zoey. “Zoey, I promise I’ll give you a satisfactory explanation today! I definitely won’t be like Tyrone Garrison and abandon my wife and child!”

“Levi…” Zoey murmured softly while tears trailed down her cheeks silently.

At last, Levi fixed his gaze on Tyrone and Damien. “Today, I, Levi Garrison, will destroy the Garrison clan. I’ll show everyone just how weak and powerless the so-called most powerful ancient family in Erudia is before me!”

The moment those words left his lips, everybody present burst into loud, mocking laughter.

The Garrison clan members even threw their heads back as they roared with laughter.

They were utterly astounded that Levi thought he could take them on all alone!

As they had said before, the Garrison clan had more than a thousand years’ worth of power and resources behind it. It had gotten to its position today due to generations worth of hard work!

Was it possible that they would lose to Levi?

There was a small chance.

However, it was like a one in a million chance.

“Hahaha! Interesting! How very interesting!”

Tyrone had always been amused to see people he deemed as insignificant trying to act tough before him. It was like an ant saying it was powerful before a dragon.

“Emma, I’m eager to see just what kind of ability your son has today!”

With that said, Tyrone’s expression chilled. “Titus?”

“Yes, Sir?”

Titus, one of the Garrison clan’s youngest guards, stepped forward.

He was also one of the challengers for last year’s bet.

“Defeat him!” Tyrone ordered.


Titus instantly stomped his feet on the ground, leaving two deep imprints.

Leaping into the air, Titus threw a vicious punch at Levi.

The force behind his punch caused the wind to whistle past his fist. Everyone could distinctly feel the heat generated from it as it felt like razor blades slashing at their faces.

Being able to achieve such power at a young age, Titus was a true genius when it came to martial arts.

“Too weak!” Levi commented softly.


His leg flashed upward to land a kick into Titus’ abdomen, sending the man flying back.


After more than a dozen meters, Titus finally crashed into one of the stone lions guarding the gates. Slumping to the ground, he did not get up again.

Everybody was utterly dumbfounded!

None of the Garrison clan members had expected Levi to be a martial arts expert as well!

Even Emma had not known that.


The expressions on the Garrison clan members’ faces were grim.

“He’s too weak! I want to fight your strongest!” Levi hollered at Tyrone while staring straight into his eyes.

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