The Return of God of War Chapter 1178

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1178

Thus, Dale brought Zoey and the Lehman family council members to the Garrison clan ancestral compound.

Not only him, the head of the Garcia family, Zed, also brought his council members with him there.

Flynn Hurst, the head of the Hurst family, also went with his council members. The Hursts were another ancient family.

All eight of the ancient families of Oakland City were heading for the Garrison clan ancestral compound.

From the Stuart family, Azure Dragon led his family members there.

The Preston family.

The Meyers family.

The Cuvier family.

In fact, it was like a mass exodus as all the powerful families flocked to the Garrison clan’s ancestral compound.

All the imperial, royal, quasi-royal and prominent families were gathering there as well.

Oakland City was in an uproar.

Luxury car after luxury car raced down the streets, all heading in a beeline for the Garrison clan compound.

It was incredibly likely that there would be more than ten thousand people gathered at the compound today.

This was a turnout that the Garrison clan had not expected.

How was it that someone like Levi could manage to cause so many people to arrive?

At the Garrison clan ancestral compound.

Last night, Teneb had sent out an order to all the family members. The members from the Oakland City clan were all to return to the compound within the day. There was something important he had to announce to them.

The entire Garrison clan was in turmoil over that message.

What was even stranger was that even Tyrone had no idea what was happening. This was an order from Elder Teneb himself. Even he, the head of the clan, had to obey the older man.

So all the Garrison clan members had to return to their roots.

Even though it was still morning, most of them had already arrived. The rest were on their way.

“Father, I just received news from Edward. Uncles Yancy, Lyle and Micah are back!” Damien stated.

Tyrone was absolutely delighted at this news.

Yancy, Lyle and Micah were his brothers.

They were also the top three fighters in Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard.

Together with Tyrone, they were usually called the Four Dragons of the Garrison clan. They were also the most powerful men in the second generation of the Garrison clan.

Damien held the utmost respect for his three uncles. They had been trained by Elder Teneb himself and learnt everything from him.

Was it any wonder that they had managed to become the top three on the Saber Leaderboard?

That was the dream of countless warriors in Erudia!

Every single fighter thought it an incredible honor to even get onto the leaderboard!

Damien continued with a smile, “Brandon, Greg, Herbert and Hayner are here too!”

Those four men were all from his generation and were each incredibly powerful fighters in their own right. They all had a spot on the Saber Leaderboard as well.

Burt and Lincon, who had been selected to join the Hidden Dragon Soldier King Training Camp, had also returned for the occasion.

However, the last two were not worthy enough for Damien to remember so he did not bother bringing them up.

Tyrone had a puzzled expression on his face. “I wonder what Elder Teneb wants to announce that he needs everyone to come back?”

Furrowing his brows, Damien suggested, “It must have something to do with what happened last night!”

“Then it should be something good, right? Maybe Elder Teneb wants to bring out the family heirloom!” Tyrone guessed.

With how prominent the Garrison clan was right now, there was no way anything bad would happen to them.

Especially since it was the Guardian of the Garrison clan, Teneb, that was making this announcement.

“Yeah, exactly! It must be something good! There can’t possibly be anything bad to say!” Damien agreed wholeheartedly.

Tyrone added confidently, “It must be an auspicious occasion for the clan! Is the Elder going to hand something to me? After all, everyone’s seen how much I’ve worked to help this clan prosper!”

Just then, one of the servants rushed inside to inform Tyrone, “Sir, for some reason, there’s a lot of people from the other families assembled outside! And their numbers just keep increasing!”

In response, Tyrone grinned happily. “Well, it’s normal that the other families will want to be here to witness this wonderful occasion!”

“But that jinx, Levi Garrison, is coming too!”

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