The Return of God of War Chapter 1176

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1176

It was said that the Garrison clan ancestral compound used to be a small palace more than a thousand years ago. The size of it was comparable to a small village.

Levi was standing at the top of a mountain overlooking the Garrison clan ancestral compound in all its glory.

He had to admit the compound was built in a prime location. With a large range of mountains behind and beside it, it ensured that any enemies would only be able to attack them from the front. It would be easily defendable.

He sighed, “No wonder they’re the most powerful ancient family in Erudia.”

“Who dares to trespass onto the Garrison clan’s forbidden grounds?”

An old man’s voice suddenly called out.

Levi acutely detected someone’s breathing and strong aura rapidly closing in on him.

A few seconds later, an old man with a head full of snowy white hair appeared behind him.

Judging from the old man’s outward appearance, Levi guessed he was at the very least eighty to ninety years old. Maybe even over a hundred.

But from their close distance, Levi could sense how the old man’s blood was still pounding through his veins powerfully. He could almost hear the roaring of it. When the old man shuttered his eyes, it was like the faint rumble of thunder.

He’s definitely a very formidable fighter! In fact, I think he might even be on par with Bloodking and his Four Bloodmasters! He’s probably the oldest person in the Garrison clan.

“Who are you? You don’t look like one of the Garrison clan members,” the old man questioned.

Levi grinned and replied, “No, I’m not part of the Garrison clan.”

The older man shooed, “Then get out of here, little boy! You shouldn’t be here. This is the forbidden grounds of the Garrison clan! Even most of the Garrison clan members are not allowed here!”

Glancing down at the sprawling buildings, Levi sneered. “Isn’t the Garrison clan ancestral compound down there? Don’t tell me this mountain belongs to you too? This is part of Erudia, a free country. I can go wherever I like. Where I go is none of your business.”

He was absolutely furious.

How ridiculous! These people are too used to getting their way and being such tyrants! How can this entire mountain range be considered as part of their clan’s forbidden grounds?

The old man bellowed, “What nonsense are you talking about, little boy? Let me be clear with you. This is the forbidden ground of the Garrison clan. Nobody is allowed to trespass here! Anyone who does so will be punished by death!”

Levi chuckled in response. “Oh really? Well, I’m clearly intruding here. What are you going to do about it?”

“You asked for it!” the old man roared before thrusting a palm out toward Levi.

His strike looked weak but there was an undercurrent of energy to it.

Even boulders would shatter underneath the force of this blow. If it were to land on a human, the human would be absolutely annihilated.

With a snort, Levi’s fist flew out like a cannonball to meet the old man’s palm.


The fist and palm collided together, causing a thunderous boom to ring out.

The crashing sound was so loud that down at the Garrison clan ancestral compound, they thought the skies were cracking open with thunder.


The old man was no match for Levi’s punch. Blood sprayed out of his mouth as he went flying back several meters before slamming into the ground heavily.

Disbelief flashed through his eyes.

How can a punch that looks so normal contain such power? And from a man as young as him? It’s unbelievable!

The old man stared at Levi with shock.

He was no ordinary old man.

His name was Teneb Garrison, the Guardian of the Oakland City Garrison clan.

He was the oldest and most powerful person in the clan.

Everyone in the clan referred to him as a living god due to his advanced age – he was 130 years old!

He had experienced the rise and fall of several generations and was respected by all. In the Garrison clan, what he said, went.

Not only that, but he had also been the one who cultivated Damien to be the man he was today. In fact, the top three fighters on the Saber Leaderboard had been trained by him as well!

The most powerful men from the younger generations of the Garrison clan had been taught by him.

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