The Return of God of War Chapter 1174

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1174

Dale was the master of an ancient family – A man who had seen it all.

He knew in a second that something was amiss as nothing about Jerry’s erraticism could have escaped his eagle-sharp eyes.

“Speak to me. Tell me what happened exactly that led you to this decision!” Dale was adamant to know why Jerry was backing out.

Jerry sounded like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“I’m afraid…” he whimpered.

“Huh? What are you raving about? Afraid of what?” Dale pressed.

Jerry gritted his teeth. “Please don’t ask anymore, Mr. Lehman. My reasons are personal. Please do agree to the annulment!”

“Aren’t you scared of pissing me off then?” The old man erupted.

“I’m not! Annul the engagement, I beg of you! I will bear all the consequences, whatever they may be!” Jerry had left it all on the floor.

I would gladly offend the Lehman family over Levi Garrison.


Jerry’s blatant disregard for death shocked the members of the Lehman family present.

Even Zoey’s curiosity was piqued.

What is this about?

What has spooked Jerry Gott so much that it made him so deathly desperate to call off the engagement?

Seeing that Jerry refused to continue further, Dale was dismayed. “You really are determined to keep your lips sealed, aren’t you?”

Jerry nodded furiously. “Yes. It’s personal and had nothing to do with anyone else.”

His obstinate behavior had the elder hopping mad. “You really are convinced that I wouldn’t do anything to you, do you?”

“Godfather, let’s just leave him be!” Zoey urged.

“Fine. I shall honor the wishes of my daughter!” Dale finally relented.

“Thank you!” Jerry bowed profusely, relieved to be off the hook at long last.

“But don’t think that I wouldn’t find out just because you choose to kept mum! I will have the truth, one way or another!” Dale bellowed.

The day grew stranger by the moment.

First Conrad Garcia, then it was Jerry Gott.

What’s eating them?

“Could it be that Jerry had decided to back out because he is fearful of that rascal Levi?” Dale speculated.

“Surely not, Dad? It’s not like they’ve never met before. How could Levi have frightened off the third-ranking scion on the Heir Leaderboard? It’s simply impossible!” Edwin quickly countered.

Zoey, too, did not see how that conjecture could have made sense.

The root cause for Jerry’s conduct must run even deeper.

“Right. Where’s that Levi Garrison then? Summon him here. I want him to explain himself to you in person!” Dale said as he opted to change the subject.

Zoey felt compelled to ring up Levi.

“Hey, have you arrived in Oakland City?”

“I’m here with Abigail. What’s up?”

What’s up? The nerve this guy has! Zoey was deeply unhappy to hear those words from Levi. “You’re one to ask. Didn’t you tell me that you would be here to explain yourself? Why haven’t you shown up?”

“I’m sorry. Something else came up that needed my attention. Tell you what – why don’t we meet up tomorrow?” Levi sounded apologetic.

Zoey scoffed. “It would seem to me that you never had the intention to see this through. If you wanted, you would have come over to the Lehman’s to see me right away!”

“Alright. I’ll be there soon! It’s about time I properly thanked your godfather as well!”

Levi then parted ways with Abigail and made haste to the Lehman estate.

When Levi arrived, he was intercepted at the door.

“Wasn’t I expected? Why deny me access now?” Levi frowned.

“You may enter, but not on your feet. You must come in obeisance!” Edwin stated coldly.


“Aren’t you ashamed of having disappeared on Zoey this past year and a half? Asking you to crawl in on your knees is meant to cleanse you of your sins!”

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