The Return of God of War Chapter 1167

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1167

“Have you got what I’ve asked for, Kirin?” Levi asked.

“Yes, God of War, it is en-route and should arrive in Oakland City shortly!” Kirin replied.

Levi was about to proceed with his next move when he was interrupted by a call.

He saw that it came from Abigail.

“Hey Abigail. How did you find out about my new number?” Levi asked in surprise.

“I got to know about it through Mr. Quinton!”

Abigail had been in regular contact with Benny since her arrival in Oakland City.

“What’s up?”

“Could you come and pick me up, Levi? I’m in a spot of trouble! Have to hang up now. Please come find me…” Abigail sounded a little harried.

Levi’s expression grew somber. “Get a lock on her location, Phoenix!”

Instantly, Phoenix got to work and soon had her position.

She was at Dynasty Manor, a place frequented by the most affluent and influential in Oakland City.

Dynasty Manor had been fully reserved by a wealthy scion for the evening to host a prestigious gathering. The guest list included young gentlemen and ladies in the same league as himself.

Several dozen cars were parked by the entrance, and they featured a comprehensive collection of many limited editions of the top-tiered models lined up amongst them. The value of the hardware congregated there was worth more than a combined two billion.

The organizer for the event was Conrad, the second scion of the Garcia family – the second most illustrious of Erudia’s ancient families.

His guests were sons and daughters of the various imperial and royal families in Oakland City.

Even Jerry himself had to grace the occasion, for an invitation from an imperial scion was hard to turn down.

The subject of interest amongst the guests was naturally the affair at the Stuarts.

“Never thought that the bigwig on the Heir Leaderboard could have been defeated by Indigo Stuart, a man who spent the last eight years in prison!”

“With the top dog defeated, the Oakland City hierarchy has been upset. Whoever is in second place must be fretting!”

“We’re counting on you to hold the fort, Mr. Gott!” the assembly bantered.

Jerry smiled. “You all know I’ve never cared for these things. What difference does it make who’s ahead and who’s behind in the rankings?”

“I get the sinking feeling that something major is going down in Oakland City. First was God of War challenging Asura. Then there was Indigo Stuart stomping on his family. Now there’s the matter of Levi Garrison! Rumor has it that he is planning to go to the Garrison clan…” someone said.

“Indeed. Many things have been happening lately. But could Levi Garrison’s business be considered major? After all, he’s a cowardly good-for-nothing who’s unworthy of our attention!” The smile on Jerry’s lips belied the glint of coldness in his eyes.

“Be quiet now. Mr. Garcia’s here!”

The room fell silent as a strapping youth strode through.

It was Conrad – a scion of the ancient Garcia family and one of the top sitting members in the Heir Leaderboards.

Next to him was a girl, unknown to all of the rich and powerful in Oakland City except for Levi.

She was Abigail Rogers.

Conrad beamed a broad smile at his guests. “Today, we are gathered here for two reasons. Firstly, for us to discuss the matter of Curtis’s defeat, and secondly, to hear a personal announcement with regards to myself.”

The assembly looked at him in eager anticipation.

Jerry asked, “Has it anything to do with your future happiness?”

He inferred it from the presence of Abigail.

“Yes, Jerry. It is as you say. This is indeed a moment of great joy for me!”

Conrad glanced at the woman beside him. “I’ve decided to marry this young lady Abigail!”

“Huh? Aren’t you already married with children, Mr. Garcia? How are you to marry again?” someone thought aloud.

It was common knowledge that Conrad had enough children to almost lose count of them, and marriage into the ancient family was no frivolous matter.

Conrad laughed. “It’s going to be a concubinage. I wish to make Abigail my concubine!”

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