The Return of God of War Chapter 1166

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1166

“Hahaha… You’re about to find out what separates you and me, maggot!” Curtis snorted.

“Do it, Curtis! Bring him to his knees!” Eldora screeched.

The top scion in Oakland City had headlined the pecking order in the Oakland City’s Heir Leaderboard for eight years running, and his martial prowess had only gone from strength to strength during this time.

In short, Curtis was now practically untouchable.

Thus, to the Stuart family, Azure Dragon was already a dead man walking.

“Your wish for death will be granted!”

Curtis was instantly upon Azure Dragon in a single powerful stride.

He threw out a savage fist in a bid to finish his older brother in a single blow, but his expression changed when Azure Dragon managed to avoid it completely.

All present watched with bated breath once the fight commenced proper…

The haughtiness on the faces of the Stuart family turned to astonishment and then shock as the battle ensued…

About a hundred rounds in, one of the fighters was suddenly sent flying.


His opponent closed in with pace and smashed a devastating blow into him in mid-air, sending him hurtling down into the ground.


The downed man crashed heavily and left an imprint of concentric cracks upon the blue tiles at the point of impact.

When everyone looked over, they were stunned because the man lying on the floor was none other than Curtis.

Curtis was soaked in blood and bearing an untold extent of damage to his bones. At that moment, his body was quivering uncontrollably, and incredulity was apparent in his eyes.


Utterly shocking!

No one could have foreseen how formidable Azure Dragon would become. Nor could anyone have predicted that he would be able to best Curtis.

The looks on Basil, Ansel, and Eldora’s faces were a picture of shock.

And then there was silence all around.

How did Azure Dragon grow to be so strong?

Did he not languish in prison for eight years?

“You were my worst fear, Curtis, but not anymore. At one point, I did think consider you the strongest ever. But I’ve realized how low I’ve set the bar once I’ve stepped onto the battlefield!” Azure Dragon laughed.

“Battlefield? Weren’t you supposed to be behind bars?” asked a bewildered Eldora.

“When there’s a will, there’s a way. I was selected to join the special forces while I was serving out my sentence. You may not be aware, but now I’m known as – The Azure Dragon, King of War.”


“King of War?”

The faces of his family changed drastically.

“And standing here before you is my boss, the God of War, and a few of my friends, Kirin…”

The Stuarts stood shell-shocked as Azure Dragon went down the line introducing the companions beside him.


A mournful Eldora fell onto her knees in front of Azure Dragon and clutched his legs. “I was in the wrong, Indigo. Please forgive me for this once! In all these years, I’ve never stopped thinking about us! If you are willing, we could go back to the way we were and spend the rest of our lives together!”

“Son, Mom and I did not do right by you. We should not have remained silent!”

“Grandpa made a mistake, my boy. I shall reinstate you as heir. Grandpa had been a fool!”

“Uncle had treated you unjustly, Indigo!”

Azure Dragon remained silent throughout their remonstrating.

Against the overwhelming influence and martial prowess possessed by Azure Dragon today, the attitudes of the members of his estranged family shifted drastically as they variously sought penance for themselves.

Levi had seen too many of their types to be impressed.

He and the others departed from the Stuart residence and left Azure Dragon to resolve his own personal affairs.

The day’s headlines rocked Oakland City.

News broke that Indigo Stuart, who went to prison in place of his younger brother, returned home to subdue the Stuart family and even defeated the top scion, Curtis, himself.

With Azure Dragon’s affairs settled, it was time for Levi to turn his attention onto his own.

“Are you ready for me now, Garrisons?

Levi’s eyes darkened with cold intent.

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