The Return of God of War Chapter 1165

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1165

“Very well. I will stand by you, as always!” Levi said as he placed an assuring hand on Azure Dragon’s shoulder.

The next day at the Stuart family mansion, the entire family was dining at the table in silence.

Strict discipline was necessary to help maintain their premier position amongst the imperial families, especially during this time when they were clashing with the rest.

Perhaps they would be able to ascend into the ranks of the ancient families in time.

“Grandpa, do you think that rascal Indigo would show up?”

The silence was broken by Curtis.

No one else spoke as no one else dared to.

It was different for Curtis, who had done much to earn the privilege.

“Do you think? I reckon that it was just a bit of boisterous chest-thumping, that’s all!” Basil sneered dismissively.

Elnora laughed. “Why concern yourself with that good-for-nothing, Curtis? He would not be able to measure up to a fraction of you even if given a hundred more years!”

She had a beguiling presence with a face and a figure to match and could have any man clamoring for her with one glance.

While Tiffany Meyers was Oakland City’s most beautiful, Eldora Seres was the most charming.

However, this woman had a weakness for powerful men.

She was with Azure Dragon when he was firmly in the seat of inheritance.

Now that he had been stripped of his position, she had turned and thrown herself into the arms of his younger brother, Curtis, instead.

Word had it that Eldora had a long and colored dating history.

The fact that Curtis had not given up on her was proof that she had her ways of dealing with him.

Her new beau replied haughtily, “I’m not concerned about him as I do not even consider him a worthy opponent. I’m only worried that he might do something that might bring our family into disrepute!”

“Ignore him! I highly doubt that he would have the guts to seek trouble here. To bring us Stuarts onto our knees? The sheer ravings of a madman!”


The waves of a deafening explosion suddenly thundered in. This was followed by a booming bellow, “Prepare yourself for death, my dear brother!”

The voice echoed throughout every corner of the house.

“What’s going on?”

“Has the bastard come?”

Basil and the rest of the family sat stunned at the dining table.

“The outrage! I shall destroy him!” Curtis declared as he rose to his feet.

The others, too, were variously spurred into action as they all arisen and collectively made their way towards the main entrance.

There were five others apart from Azure Dragon, whose raggedy getup complimented his.

“What’s this I see. Helpers? Do you intend to take on the Stuart family with just this ragtag bunch with you? You ought to have brought along something more respectable than a bunch of refugees…” Eldora said mockingly.

Azure Dragon smiled. “The problem with you, Eldora, is that you have never been able to see beyond the superficial. You obviously have no idea who stands before you!’

His eyes passed over each and every one of the family in scrutiny. “I am offering the lot of you one last chance. Bend your knees before me and repent your wicked ways, and I shall spare you! Otherwise, I shall level the house of Stuart to the ground this day!”

“Ha ha ha…” The Stuarts were uproarious upon hearing this.

They did not take Azure Dragon with any measure of seriousness. “What in the world was that about? Shut your mouth, fool.”

His own parents chimed in, “You want to destroy our family, you say? I doubt you could even get past your own younger brother!”

Curtis laughed, “Are you so obviously lacking in self-awareness, Indigo? I am your worst fear, your nightmare manifest. You were beneath me eight years ago, and I have only gotten stronger since. What hope do you have pitting yourself against someone whose ability ranks in the top twenty in Erudia’s Saber Leaderboard?”

Those words had Azure Dragon trembling as Curtis always had his number.

“No! I shall defeat you and prove myself against you!”

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